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Sleep trackers, also known as mattress apps, are mobile applications designed to analyze sleep habits and help improve the quality of sleep. People from across the globe are struggling with sleepless nights, which triggered an upsurge in the development of various sleep monitoring apps.

There are numerous sleep tracking apps available for the iOS and Android platforms, some more accurate than others, some wearable, some not, some free, some not. They promise to reform the way people sleep and help to understand sleep behaviors. Here is an analysis of mattress apps worth knowing about:

  1. Emfit QS: Highly Sensitive Contactless Sleep Tracking App

It is considered one of the most accurate sleep tracking apps and was initially designed for athletes. The app consists of a smartphone app and a strip that goes under the mattress. The app uses a technology called ballistocardiography that collects data via a very sensitive compression sensor of your breathing rate.

Features measured include heart rate, time spent in daylight, restlessness in bed, deep sleep, and REM sleep. Initially created for athletes, Emfit QS additionally measures heart rate variability (HRV), total recovery, and recovery efficiency helping sports people make the most of their training schedule and capitalize on recovery.

  1. Sleepace Reston: Bedroom Sleep Tracker for People Who Sleep Alone

Sleepace Reston is among a handful of dedicated sleep trackers that provides a wide range of highly accurate measurements. The device uses medical grade sensors and consists of a flat belt to be positioned under the mattress protector or sheet. The detailed analysis provided by Sleepace Reston can be used to determine what type of mattress is more suitable.

Memory mattresses, such as Eve – coined as the most comfortable mattress in the world, usually come with a protective cover under which one can place the Sleepace Reston belt. Read a comprehensive Eve analysis and get informed on how the materials and technology used to make a mattress can influence positively or negatively the quality and duration of sleep.

Sleepace Reston measures sleep in every detail. It includes indicators for time asleep, how many times the user wakes up, time awake, times turned over in bed, times got out of bed, light, mid-sleep, and deep sleep, as well as conventional features measured, such as heart and respiration rate, sleep apnea, and heart pauses.  This particular app has a fantastic interface.

  1. Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor: Plug-in Mattress Attachable Strip

Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor is an unobtrusive sleep tracker that provides heart rate, breathing rate, and snoring monitoring. This mattress app consists of a plug-in strip attached to the mattress, under the bed sheets, which goes together with a smartphone app. It is a user-friendly mobile app that provides accurate measurements and a full spectrum of sleep information.

Features measured include snoring, heart and respiration rate, time asleep or restless and times out of bed, bedroom temperature, and humidity. It features an intelligent alarm system designed to wake up users at best possible time in the sleep cycle. Moreover, it presents the user with a general sleep score and provides tips that help to improve sleep.

Each person has an individual set of conditions to attain the optimum level of sleep. However, there are many factors that influence sleep quality irrespective of these personal needs, such as light and noise levels, type of mattress, sleep position, bedroom temperature and humidity, certain medical conditions, bed sheets, pillows, age, biological clock, sleep patterns, certain medications, alcohol, caffeine, and more.

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