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The National Sleep Foundation states that 45% of Americans are suffering from insufficient sleep or poor-quality sleep. Such dramatic statistics have raised awareness on the adverse effects of not getting enough quality sleep and have driven people to look for solutions that could help them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and even monitor their sleeping behaviours.

While a good mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep, a sleeping environment expressly designed to induce and maintain sleep can increase the quality as well as the duration of sleep significantly. The arrival of smart sleep technology has generated an abundance of sleep devices that equip the bedroom with a comprehensive range of intelligent sleep solutions.

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  1. Moona: The Smart Pillow System for a Cool Head

Many people try tossing and turning their pillow to find its mysteriously elusive cooler side. Technology comes to the rescue in the shape of Moona, the smart pillow consisting of a water-filled hub, a memory foam pad, a sleep sensor, and an accompanying app. Moona is on a mission to stimulate and extend sleep by altering the temperature of head and neck.

A water-based smart sleep system, Moona brings cooling and heating to the head area in a smooth, natural manner, which guarantees the best sleep experience. The benefits of this intelligent pillow include falling asleep faster, getting deeper sleep, waking up easily, becoming productive more quickly, tracking sleep, getting insights on sleep, fighting jetlag, and napping efficiently.

  1. The Breeze: A Smartduvet Dual-Zone Climate Control Solution

The Smartduvet dual-zone climate control is an intelligent application that works with the current bed and bedding. It consists of an inflatable, ultra-late, seamless sheet that goes between the duvet and duvet cover. It comes in various sizes and allows for users to set the preferred temperature and bedmaking time for each bedmate. The Breeze can colour pre-hear the bed preparing it for sleep ahead of time.

The great advantage about The Breeze is that users don’t need to change their existing bed and bedding, unless they are expressly looking for a high-performance mattress, such as Simba, a hybrid mattress engineered to allow bedmates with opposite sleeping needs and different body types to benefit from the ultimate night’s sleep. Those who are interested in taking their sleep to a different level, see Simba in-depth review for details.

  1. Smart Nora: The Intelligent Snoring Solution for Bedmates

Snoring like a freight train is one disturbing activity and will affect the quality and duration of sleep of both bed partners. Nora is one of the smart snoring systems available that promises to reduce and even eliminate storing. With tubes, mouth guards, and masks taken out of the equation, Nora consists of an air pump, a wireless microphone, and an expandable insert that spans across the pillow.

Why do people snore? Falling asleep causes neck and throat muscles to relax. Their relaxation tightens the airways and generates vibrations inside the throat, i.e., snoring. When Nora detects snoring, the inflatable device inside the pillowcase produces a gentle movement, which stimulates the throat muscles, opens the airways, and resumes natural breathing.

There are many smart sleep technology solutions out there, including numerous sleep tracking apps that can collect and analyze a full spectrum of data on sleep, i.e., breathing and heart rate, overall sleep quality, waking patterns, deep sleep extent, mid-sleep duration, as well as REM sleep intervals. Such apps can also gather and analyze information on sleeping environment measuring features such as noise and light level, bedroom temperature and humidity, etc.



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