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Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor Review – Upper Arm Heart Rate Monitor – Now with Ant+ Score 93%

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor Review – Upper Arm Heart Rate Monitor – Now with Ant+

Originally posted May 2018 – Updated on 02/05/2019 The Polar OH1 has no had a new firmware rolled out enabling Ant+. It was a great device to start with and now, after a year of using it, I think it is probably the best heart rate tracker on the market.  Polar have recently overhauled their popular V650 GPS bike computer to include Strava Live Segments, GPS-based gradient, Advanced Power Metrics and improved Power Sensor compatibility. As part of the update, you can now buy the V650 bundled with the Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensor which was launched towards the...

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Polar Vantage V Premium Multi-Sport Watch Announced – £60 cheaper than Suunto 9 & includes running power

While most people opt for Garmin multi-sport watches there are still a few decent alternatives, with the Suunto 9 being a popular choice for ultra-endurance athletes. Now Polar are throwing their hat in the ring with the new flagship Polar Vantage V. Similar to Suunto, Polar appears to have avoided trying to compete with the Fenix smartwatch features but instead focus on other performance areas. Class-leading wrist-based heart rate tracking The new Polar Vantage V introduces Polar’s Precision Prime wrist-based fusion heart rate technology which claims to deliver a new level of heart rate accuracy and reliability. Apparently, there are three sensor...

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Suunto 9 Baro Review – Initial impressions and heart rate accuracy Score 80%

Suunto 9 Baro Review – Initial impressions and heart rate accuracy

Update: The full Suunto 9 review is now live The Suunto 9 was announced a few weeks ago, and I received my review sample at the end of last week. Since then I have replaced my Garmin 235 and used it as my daily watch. I have not had it long enough to test it thoroughly but I thought I would do a short post with my initial impressions. Priced at £499 the Suunto 9 is the top of the range watch from Suunto and has arrived around the same time Garmin has launched their refreshed Fenix 5 line...

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RunAR Upper Arm Optical HR Sensor Review Score 70%

RunAR Upper Arm Optical HR Sensor Review

As a geek that love fitness, I love looking at data from my various sessions from running, cycling or the various cardio machines in the gym. Most fitness fanatics will have noticed irregular readings with wrist-based HRM; the problem occurs across brands and product ranges, it doesn’t matter if you have a Fitbit Charge 2 or Garmin Fenix 5X. The issue is that wrist placement really isn’t good for an HRM, there is a large amount of movement around that part of your body and for some a lot of hair. They are very convenient, and in general, the...

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Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors for 2018 – HRM Comparision

If you are a fitness enthusiast and use a sports watch with a built-in wrist based optical heart rate monitor, you will likely have experienced a lot of inaccuracies. Depending on the sport and the level of rigorousness that inaccuracy can vary from a small amount to being completely useless. Wrist-based options are still great for casual tracking, I can’t be bothered setting up a chest strap every time I use the cross trainer in the gym, but for runs or long bike rides it is a statistic I would like to track more reliably. There are a lot...

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Nokia Steel HR Review – A Fashionable Wristwatch Style Fitness Tracker Score 79%

Nokia Steel HR Review – A Fashionable Wristwatch Style Fitness Tracker

I have reviewed quite a lot of fitness trackers, and sports watches now, from cheap to expensive. One thing that is common with them is that they are all a bit ugly. The Suunto Spartan is possible the most attractive one I have reviewed; if you don’t mind the sports watch look, none are suitable for formal attire though. Even Fitbits are unattractive, the Alta is your best option, but it is basically a slightly less ugly rubber strap compared to the Charge 2. This is where Nokia hope to carve a niche with their Steel HR range. Functionally...

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Fatmoon DM58 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Score 59%

Fatmoon DM58 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

This year Amazon has been flooded with fitness trackers offering wrist-based heart rate monitoring. While I like the Fitbit ecosystem they are a lot of money for what they are, and it is a high price to pay if you are just getting into fitness. I bought this particular tracker is the design is nice and it is considerably cheaper than the Fitbit HR2 at a bargain price of just £33.99. It also has some additional functions such as blood pressure (which I was sceptical of). On my wrist it is quite a nice size, I have slim wrists,...

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FitBit Launches Ionic Smartwatch

We have been expecting Fitbit to launch their first smartwatch for a while now. They bought up the IP from Pebble late last year, at the same time fitness tracker sales have been declining for Fitbit. So releasing a smartwatch was an inevitable move. This week Fitbit finally announced their entry into the smartwatch market with the Fitbit Ionic. With the smartwatch market, itself not performing as well as some companies would have hoped it will be interesting to see if Fitbit can shake things up. The Ionic is built out of a lightweight aluminium case and boasts a...

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Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones Review – Bluetooth Earphones with Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Score 85%

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones Review – Bluetooth Earphones with Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

I have reviewed quite a few wireless earphones this year, and most of them have been in the budget end of the market. This week I have been reviewing the new Bose SoundSport Pulse earphones which cost a hefty £169.00 making them one of the most expensive wireless earphones on the market. These are not just your typical sports headphones, though, apart from the Bose name and quality, the SoundSport Pulse include a heart rate monitor, using a small sensor on the left earbud. Bose claim the accuracy of this sensor is comparable to a chest strap, which should...

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6 Amazing Fitness Present Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us and if you have a fitness fanatic in your life we hope the following 6 ideas might help you. These are our favourite fitness gadgets of the year and all reasonably priced. Garmin VivoSmart Pictured above, we loved the Vivosmart in our recent review. It offers the same functionality as most other fitness trackers but can monitor your heart rate via a chest strap, and it can display smart notifications from your phone. Unlike smartwatches you get a good 5+ days of battery life too! You can buy it now from Amazon starting at...

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TomTom Runner Cardio Launched

We have blogged a lot about fitness gadget the past few months, as the whole industry has really taken off. Most of the gadgets are more lifestyle orientated that you wear all day, but there are also some big breakthroughs in specialist gadgets such as Heart Rate Monitors. TomTom have recently launched their new Runner Cardio watch, which unlike many HRMs in the past does not require a chest strap to monitor your heart rate. To promote it they have launched quite a raunchy video including Victoria’s Secret model Alexandria Morgan running using the watch, we found it quite...

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Polar WearLink Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Belt for Android Phones Review

While Mighty Gadget doesn't really blog about fitness products much we recently were given a Polar WearLink Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to try out. Unlike most HRMs the Polar Wearlink appealed to us as it connects to Android phones and is compatible with multiple apps including Endomondo, RunKeeper, Sports Track, Runtastic and many more. The beauty of this is you can easily track you heart rate and calories burned and sync your stats online showing you historical performance data. This may not sound like a big deal but the majority of traditional HRM watches have no ability to sync online or even to your computer, and the ones that do cost a lot of money, for example the Polar RS400 costs approximately £150+, compared to £65 of the Wearlink. You are also restricted to using the Polar software with the RS400. The initial set up was extremely easy and the device connected to Endomondo and Sports Tracker fine, picking up my heart rate in a reasonable time. In the case of Sports Tracker the app showed current heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate and calories burned, you can also show a graph of your heart rate during the current exercise. All in all the Wearlink was coming across as the perfect HRM. Unfortunately things started to get worse from here, with 2 problems, the first is relatively...

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