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Sit-stand desks have become very popular in the past few years, I have reviewed several convenient options that convert your existing design to sit stand, but the StarTech option today is a little different. This is a wall mounted Sit-Stand Desk that includes a monitor arm and keyboard tray, if you don’t fancy drilling holes in your wall they also do a desk mounted version which works in the same way as most monitor arms.

With this option, you can have a sit-stand desk in areas that don’t typically have space for a full-sized desk.  Its compact, wall-mounted design combines a single-monitor arm and a keyboard tray, with easy height adjustments that let you alternate between sitting and standing without disrupting your workflow.

You can adjust your working position in one smooth motion. Simply lift the work surface up to 17.2” (436 mm), to elevate your monitor, keyboard and mouse. The monitor mount has a separate height adjustment of up to 4.9″ (124 mm) along the column.

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This model is quite limited for your monitor choices it can only handle one  24” (with a weight capacity of 17.6 lb./8 kg), though they do sell a dual monitor option that can support two 24″ monitors.

The sit-stand desk folds back to the wall, and the keyboard tray folds up to 90°, saving space when not in use. You can move the swing arm left or right (from -90° to 90°) and lower or raise the arm (from -30° to 65°) to make maximum use of your space.

The monitor arm offers plenty of work space, with a large keyboard tray (17.68 x 8.15”/ 449 x 207 mm) and a slide-out tray (8.5 x 8.4″ / 217 x 213 mm) that holds your mouse, on the left or right.

Installing this is going to be a lot more work than other options. You do get all the components you need, but you need to be confident enough to be drilling through concrete/brick and achieving a secure mount, something I am not so confident about with my skills.

The official RRP of this model is £584.39 which seems to be very expensive, but you can buy it from Amazon for £384.93 via CCL computers.

In comparison, the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 is £365 or the FlexiSpot 35″ is £275.99. If you have space and an existing design I think these would be better options for most people, both these options can squeeze two monitors onto the desk and installation will be considerably easier.

That being said, if you are short on space the Startech seems to be a good choice, and I think it would be a fantastic choice in a business environment for shops or offices, allowing your employees the freedom to work standing up, or perhaps using them for hot desks.

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Startech Wall-Mounted Sit-Stand Desk

Product Name: Startech Wall-Mounted Sit-Stand Desk

Offer price: 384.93

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