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Qualcomm recently announced the new Snapdragon 765G chipset with its integrated 5G modem. Following this, we have seen a quick release of phones by some of the new big Chinese players Xiaomi (Redmi), Oppo, and Realme.

Now it looks like Sony are throwing their hat into the ring with a new Sony Experia device with the codename K8220 which has popped up on GeekBench. The phone itself probably won’t be called the K8220, but it is reminiscent of the Sony Ericsson which had a K-series.

The phone manages to score 465 points on the single-core test and 1,757 points on multi-core test and it is one of the first Geekbench results of the new chipset.

Sony Xperia Geekbench

Previously all three of the new mid-range 5G chipsets have been benchmarked on Antutu which actually places the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G behind the Samsung Exynos 980 and Mediatek Dimensity 1000L MT6885Z in terms of performance (though the SD765G will undoubtedly be the most popular chipset of the three).

This result is lower than I would have expected, the Realme X2 with the Snapdragon 730G scores 546/1729, however, the Antutu comparison above showed the new chipset only making small ground compared to the SD730G.

The phone also includes 8GB of RAM but nothing else is known about its specification.

This year Sony has launched just four phones two Xperia 10 models, then the Xperia 1 & 5. The 1 & 5 share mostly the same specs and feature a flagship chipset, while the Xperia 10. The Sony mobile division has been struggling for the past few years so it will be interesting to see what they can do with this new phone.

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