Arlo Essential Outdoor Camera 2nd Generation

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Arlo has unveiled its latest Essential range in the UK, designed to meet the growing consumer demand for affordable yet comprehensive home security solutions. The new range boasts a variety of cutting-edge features, including 2K resolution for crystal-clear video quality and 4-in-1 security capabilities encompassing video recording, audio monitoring, motion detection, and deterrence.

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Addressing Seasonal Security Concerns

The launch of the Arlo Essential range comes at an opportune time, as a recent study conducted by Arlo and Verisure revealed a 43% increase in burglaries during the summer months. With many homeowners preparing for the travel season, the Essential range offers a timely solution to enhance home security and provide peace of mind.

Comprehensive Protection with Arlo Essential Outdoor and Outdoor XL

Arlo Essential XLOutdoor Camera 2nd Generation

The Essential Outdoor and Outdoor XL cameras are designed to capture crisp video footage day and night, ensuring that no event goes unnoticed. Available in both 2K and 1080p resolution options, these cameras offer a wide 130-degree diagonal field of view, allowing users to keep an eye on their property’s exterior with distortion-free video.

Equipped with clear 2-way audio and noise and echo cancellation technology, the Essential Outdoor and Outdoor XL cameras enable users to hear distinct details and even warn off intruders with an 80dB smart siren audible up to 30 meters away. The powerful integrated spotlight illuminates up to 5 meters around the property, automatically turning on when motion is detected.

These weatherproof cameras are built to withstand extreme conditions, thanks to their polycarbonate construction, ensuring reliable operation in rain, sun, wind, and snow. With an Arlo subscription, users can enjoy secure cloud storage for up to 60 days and receive interactive notifications for enhanced security.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell: Front Door Protection in 2K

Arlo VideoDoorbell 2ndGeneration

The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell provides comprehensive front door protection, available in both 2K and 1080p resolution options. With clear communication capabilities, including a ‘Real-Time Talk’ feature and noise and echo cancellation, users can see and speak to visitors at the door with ease.

The expanded Head to Toe Viewing Angle captures visitors in a 1×1 view, ensuring that users can clearly identify who or what is at their door. When paired with an AI-powered Arlo Secure subscription, the Video Doorbell can identify people, pets, vehicles, and packages, alerting users to specific events day or night.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera: Plug-in and Protect

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera 2nd Generation

For complete home protection and privacy, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera offers a comprehensive home security solution, particularly for households with children and pets. The new 2K resolution provides realistic video recording, allowing users to clearly monitor activities around the home, while 2-way audio enables quick response during any event.

The Essential Indoor Camera features an automatic privacy lens cover, which can be armed and disarmed via the Arlo Secure app, giving users control over what the camera can see. This feature can be activated when at home, providing maximum privacy, and deactivated to protect the home when needed. Compatible with most voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Home, the Essential Indoor Camera offers convenient hands-free control.

Arlo Secure: An Extra Layer of Protection

The latest Arlo Secure app allows users to customize their camera system and, starting April 1st, 2024, includes new bonus features such as custom Privacy Zones. With an Arlo Secure subscription, users can safely store their videos in the cloud and enjoy added benefits like Theft Replacement and Activity Zones for ultimate peace of mind.

Pricing and Availability

The Essential Cameras are the latest addition to Arlo’s Essential camera range, with prices starting at £159.99 (FHD) and £199.99 (2K) for the Essential Outdoor 2-cam kit. The Essential Outdoor XL 2-cam kits start at £219.99 (FHD) and £259.99 (2K). The Essential Indoor Camera 2-cam kit will be sold for £159.99 (2K), while the Video Doorbell starts at £89.99 (FHD) and £139.99 (2K). Consumers can purchase the full Essential range from starting April 1st, 2024.

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