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I have reviewed a few Power Delivery GaN chargers recently, they have always been exactly, offering a smaller form factor while keeping the power rating high.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer 65W 4-Port explains what it is in the title, however a more detailed spec:


  • 65W maximum output split across 4 ports.
  • 2 USB-C PD ports
    • 45W max output on a single port, the other will then get 18W if in use.
  • 2 USB-A with 5V/2.4A and a maximum of 18W per port
  • Has plug socket and cable, rather than being directly plugged into the socket

Device Compatibility

So with these multi-port chargers, it can get a little confusing about how the 65W is used. You can’t just plug in multiple devices, and 65W is sent to all of them, the 65W is shared between them.

The maximum output on a single port is 45W, so if you are charging a laptop, it will need to accept that charge. Most laptops will accept this, but they may class it as a slow charge, meaning if you are doing anything demanding on the laptop, it won’t charge as fast as it is draining.

For example, the Macbook Pro technically only needs 60W charge; if you then have thunderbolt devices plugged in, it will go up to 87W.

I have used this with my Huawei Matebook 13 which uses a 65W charger, and it charges fine.

Some laptops that the charger can support include:

  • Apple: MacBook Pro 13” 2017(A1706) / MacBook Pro 15” 2017(A1707) / Macbook 12” / MacBook Air 13” / MacBook Air 12”;
  • Windows: HP EliteBook Folio G1 12.5 / Lenovo ThinkPad T470 (1FCD) / Lenovo ThinkPad X270 / Razer Blade Stealth 17 / HP Spectre X360 / Spectre X2 / Spectre Folio / ELITE BOOK 830 G5; Lenovo X1 / YOGA730 / E490 / ideapad 720s-13 / THINKPAD X390 / Huawei MateBook X Pro / MateBook X / MateBook13 / Samsung Notebook9(950XBE) and More

For phones, there are a couple of caveats. For some phones, they will only get a slower charge due to the lack of compatibility. This includes the Note 10/10+/ Galaxy S20 Ultra because they lack the PPS protocol.

Then, of course, phones will only register as fast charge in most cases. This is not as fast as brand-specific technologies such as 65W SuperDart, 65W SuperVOOC 2.0, 30W Warp Charge, etc

Power Distribution

The exact power distribution depends on what you have plugged in. This table gives a comprehensive explanation:

1 USB-C port:USB-C – PD 65W
2 USB-C ports:USB-C – PD 45W; USB-C – PD 18W
2 USB-A ports:USB-A – 5V/2.4A; USB-A – 5V/2.4A
1 USB-C port + 1 USB-A port:USB-C – PD 45W; USB-A – QC 18W
1 USB-C port + 2 USB-A ports:USB-C – PD 45W; USB-A – 5V/2.4A; USB-A – 5V/2.4A
2 USB-C ports + 1 USB-A port:USB-C – PD 18W; USB-C – PD 18W; USB-A – QC 18W
When connected to all ports:USB-C – PD 18W; USB-C – PD 18W; USB-A – 5V/2.4A; USB-A – 5V/2.4A

In Use

IMG 20200927 060156
My old lower powered none GaN charger vs the 65W RAVPower

There is not much to say here other than it does exactly as advertised. I have been using it in my living room, where it is now my main charger. I charge my Huawei Matebook 13 from it without any issues, then use the other ports for the various gadgets I may be using at the time.  

Thanks to power delivery charges, I haven’t bothered to use the official charger from Huawei since I reviewed the laptop, there is just no need for it.

Price and Alternative Options

No products found.

This is available in for RRP of $58.99 on Amazon in the US, and it has just become available in the UK for £45.99 with a £5 off voucher, so quite a good deal.

The options on Amazon are vast, but I can’t find a charger that has the exact same spec to compete.

Anker has a 65W 4 Port PIQ for £37 but that only has one USB-C port

The Helpers lab Dual Type-C PD Travel Charger is technically a better spec with 105W capable of 65W and 30W across the two USB-C ports, but it is a brand I am unaware of and it is not a GaN charger so will be bigger. This is available for £60.

Not exactly the same but the Chargeasap Omega 200W GaN USB-C is £71 on Kickstart or the 100W model is £51


As always, you can’t really go wrong with the RAVPower range of products; they are well made, offer excellent performance and priced competitively.

I particularly like this charger; the four ports allows me to charge anything I want, including my laptop and phone at the same time. With it having a power lead, you are not tied down to a plug socket having to find extra long cables to use. This will be particularly useful when I can finally travel again, so I can charge all my devices next to where I sleep.

What I would love to see in future PD chargers is compatibility with the various charging technologies from specific brands. It would be great to have a universal charger that could charge my Realme X50 Pro at the full 65W.

No products found.

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