Samsung Exynos Processors

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Samsung’s custom CPU core arm is officially shutting down which will mean that future Samsung devices will no longer feature Exynos M performance cores, but instead employ ARM designs.

The move has been rumoured for some time now. While Samsung Exynos chipsets are excellent they have generally lagged behind the Qualcomm equivalent which implements all ARM designs. This year the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 was criticised for its battery performance when comparing the Exynos vs Qualcomm variants.

While Samsung has already announced what appears to be a flagship chipset in the form of the Exynos 990, it is believed they are working on the Exynos 9830 which could swap out the Exynos M5 in favour of the Arm Cortex-A77. This move will likely help Samsung bring the Exynos 9830 performance in line with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

The research and development housed around 290 employees will cease to work on future projects, with the layoffs will be effective as of 31st of December. It is claimed that the other 3000 employees currently stationed at the Samsung Austin manufacturing facility will not be a part of the layoff.

It is possible the custom CPU solutions could be switching to be more GPU orientated. Samsung had previously announced its partnership with AMD, meaning the possibility of a custom GPU solution may be in the works. Rumours have been circling since last year that Samsung are developing a custom GPU that would first be used for cryptocurrency mining, then introduced for mid-range phones and finally a gaming smartphone.

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