Samsung the wall CES 2019

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Samsung introduced MicroLED technology last year with the customisable Wall TV that was 146-inches. This technology hasn’t entered the market yet, and at IFA in Berlin last year both Samsung and LG were demoing the technology.

Samsung is continuing to push this new technology and upping the ante with what they call the Window which is a 219-inch TV while also demoing a more realistic 75-inch version.

While it is unlikely many people will ever buy a 219-inch TV it has been done to demo the customisable nature of these TVs. The MicroLED technology uses individual tiles of self-emissive MicroLEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own bright light to produce brilliant colours on the screen. There’s no backlight required, so MicroLED displays can be incredibly thin.

The self emissive nature of these TVs means that they can be competitive with OLED in terms of the blacks achieved. MicroLED is also much brighter, during the LG demo at IFA the TV they had on display was almost blinding to look at. The combination of near perfect blacks and very high peak brightness means that these TV will likely be the best in class for HDR.

Samsung the wall modular

It is also claimed that they don’t have burn-in or natural degradation that the OLED panels suffer from. Due to the modular nature of them you could just replace sections of the panel upon failure.

At the moment MicroLED displays are incredibly challenging to produce at scale, with each of the RGB sub-pixels having to be carefully placed — with a very tight measure of space (or “pitch”) between them.

There are two pieces to each MicroLED “module.” The first is the back plate, which has hooks that extend with the twist of a dial to so it can easily attach to other wall modules. 

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