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Reolink has stormed into IFA 2023, Europe’s premier home appliances trade show, with a jaw-dropping line-up of next-generation home security solutions. Operating under the banner, “[4K Solar +] Security Solutions, We Go Beyond”, the brand is set to redefine the boundaries of home security technology.

Ali Park, the Regional Sales Manager at Reolink, couldn’t contain the excitement. “Being part of IFA 2023 is an electrifying moment for us,” Park said. “We can’t wait for the world to get up close and personal with our innovative 4K solar camera series and 12MP UHD security cameras even before their official release.”

Introducing [4K Solar +] Camera Range

Reolink’s latest foray extends the 4K Ultra HD capabilities to battery-powered home security, delivering crisp, crystal-clear images. What sets these cameras apart is their seamless blend of solar energy harnessing and AI-powered smart detection technologies.

Dual-Band Connectivity: Reolink Argus Eco Ultra


With the Argus Eco Ultra, you get the best of both worlds—dual-band WiFi functionality for uninterrupted access to live feeds, all in glorious 4K resolution. It’s a robust solution offering faster data transfer rates and stable connections, which translates to an incredibly reliable viewing experience.

4K in the Wilderness: Reolink Go PT Ultra


If you ever wished to extend your security reach into more remote locations, the Reolink Go PT Ultra has got you covered. This 4G LTE 4K solar camera is designed for places where WiFi is as rare as hen’s teeth, delivering unparalleled video clarity that does justice to nature’s true colours.

Pan and Tilt: Reolink Argus PT Ultra

The Argus PT Ultra adds a new dimension to surveillance by incorporating pan and tilt capabilities. With this range of movement, these cameras can cover a more expansive area while still capturing everything in exquisite 4K detail. It’s comprehensive surveillance, fully solar-powered.

Enhanced Night Vision: Reolink Argus 3 Ultra

Night security gets a significant upgrade with the Argus 3 Ultra. This camera’s night vision isn’t just in 4K; it’s enhanced by two potent spotlights, ensuring no dark corner goes unnoticed. The result is round-the-clock, solar-powered, full-colour recording.

One Hour Charge, One Day Secure

Every 4K camera in the lineup can be charged effortlessly using Reolink’s proprietary solar panel. Just one hour of sunlight charging gives you a full 24 hours of vigilant protection. It’s not just a leap in home security technology; it’s a stride towards environmental conservation.

Final Thoughts

Reolink’s innovative 4K battery camera series pushes the envelope in what is achievable in home security, proving that sustainable energy and cutting-edge technology can indeed go hand in hand. It’s more than just an announcement; it’s a revolutionary shift in how we perceive and use home security technology.

For more comprehensive insights into each of these revolutionary products and their features, stay tuned. The future of home security just got brighter, thanks to Reolink.

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