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The Samsung Galaxy A70 was only announced in March, which only recently becoming available to buy, but it looks like Samsung are already updating it, with an S variant.

The Galaxy A70S will be the worlds first phone to feature a 64MP camera sensor, in comparison most of the high MP phones, such as the Honor 20, have the 48MP sensor from Sony.

The new sensory featured on the phone is a Samsung made w ISOCELL Bright GW1 which uses pixel binning to take the 64MP and drop it down to 16MP providing superior low light performance.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Cover Image

It also supports real-time high dynamic range (HDR) of up to 100-decibels (dB) that provides richer hues. The sensor is equipped with a Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) that converts the received light into an electric signal.

This allows the sensor to optimize its full well capacity (FWC), utilizing the collected light more efficiently especially in bright environments. It also supports 480fps Full HD slow-motion filming and will have High Dynamic Range, as well as support for Super PD — a high-performance phase detection auto-focus technology.

Beyond the massive camera upgrade it is expected the rest of the phone will stay the same:

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