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When you’re preparing to play a card game, the calibre of your chosen deck of cards is critical to players’ enjoyment.

Avoid using flimsy, low-quality cards at any cost. There is no reason to be a cheapskate on this front because even high-end casino-quality decks of cards are not prohibitively expensive. Take our suggestion and invest a few additional pounds in some nice-looking, high-quality playing cards.

This article examines why KEM playing cards are regarded as the gold standard by both casinos and poker tournament operators worldwide. They are long-lasting, difficult to mark, and simple to use. However, they cost around £30 for two decks, making them more expensive than typical over-the-counter cards.

KEM Plastic Playing Cards are also the favoured card used at the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour because they are exceptionally durable and are the standard against which all other cards are measured.

For me, I rarely go inside a real casino anymore and only play cards in person with friends. I normally prefer to play online casino real money, including many card games such as Black Jack.

The history of the playing card

The origins of playing cards can be traced back over 12 centuries to the first gambling games in China. The “leaf game” played in 868 A.D. by Princess Tongchang, Emperor Yizong of Tang’s daughter, is one of the first documented pieces of evidence that card games existed.

The “leaves” were book pages in a dice game. Unfortunately, the game’s rules were lost over time.

These antique playing cards are now prized collectables for individuals worldwide. The world’s most expensive deck of cards can cost tens of thousands of pounds, dollars, or euros.

This is because the decks can quickly be scattered or destroyed by people’s actions or the passage of time. Even keeping the card decks cannot always prevent the paper from disintegrating or the colours from fading.

Playing card varieties

Modern playing cards are made using one of two construction methods. Decks of cards are available in vinyl, plastic-coated vinyl, and 100% plastic. The former is the low-cost cards found in any department shop.

While inexpensive, they are often made of low-quality materials and easily bent or torn.

KEM plastic playing cards

KEM is a business that is not only 60 years old but only specialises in one specific product, plastic (cellulose acetate) playing cards.

KEM playing cards do not contain vinyl, the main material other card makers use to make “plastic” playing cards. The company’s cards are known to be much more resistant to wear and tear than any other brand of card in the business.

In addition, KEM’s high-performance cards are engineered to shuffle better and deal so well that you’ll never want to play with other cards again.

KEM cards are ideal for use in casinos and professional tournaments for all types of poker games. In both cases, the decks get a lot of continuous use and so need to be robust and not develop defects.

Why are KEM cards so special?

KEM cards are slightly slimmer than their competitors, but not significantly so. As a result, they are not “slippery,” and the top cards do not slide off when laid down. This is one of the most apparent characteristics of a good deck of playing cards.

KEM cards are also famous for their legendary endurance. There’s a reason why casinos employ these cards; they’re durable! You’d probably go through 10 cheaper decks of cards before a deck of KEM cards was worn out.

Industry specialists prefer KEM cards because they are constructed of a unique combination of paper and plastic that delivers outstanding flexibility and strength for long-term use.

KEM’s playing cards are composed entirely of cellulose acetate plastic, a unique combination of paper and plastic that gives outstanding flexibility and strength. The cards are scuff and break-resistant, washable, and are meant to provide the iconic snap and feel of paper while also providing remarkable durability.

Each set includes two decks of poker-sized playing cards (3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches), one red and one blue.

The cards are usually packaged in a sturdy plastic storage container, and just one joker is included in each deck.


If you are considering organising a poker night or bridge game with friends, you should know that these cards are the tools of the trade.

They are an investment in the enjoyment of your home game and should not be disregarded when organising any poker-related event. But unfortunately, many people are preoccupied with having the latest gadgets, a great poker table or professional poker chips and overlook the most vital aspect, the deck of cards.

Please, for the love of the poker gods, do not show up to your next poker night with cheap playing cards.

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