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The Nvidia Shield TV has long been regarded as one of, if not the best set-top streaming boxes on the market. Even though it is several years old the Tegra X1 chipset and regular software updates have kept it relevant compared to many newer devices.

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Following the update of the Nintendo Switch with a 16nm chip revision of the X1 it has been much rumoured that a new Shield is also on the way. This is now all but confirmed following an Amazon listing being published early.

The listing states a performance boost of “up to 25%” over Nvidia’s last-generation Shield TV.  I previously compared the Tegra X1 T210B01 vs T210 for the Nintendo Switch which indicated some moderate improvements for games, the new smaller fabrication process should allow the chipset to run cooler which in turn will allow them to squeeze more performance out of it.

The new Shield will also enable support for Dolby Vision, with the last device being limited to normal HDR.


It has also been previously reported that this will come with Chromecast Ultra support to allow gamers to play Google Stadia titles in 4K HDR.

Nvidia’s new Shield TV Pro has been listed, and later removed, from Amazon US. The system was listed with a $199.99 price tag and appears to ship with support for Amazon Alexa, the same 3GB/16GB RAM/Storage capacities as Nvidia’s older models and support for a new Android TV remote. This remote features backlit buttons and provide users with more options than Nvidia’s previous remote.  

If this Amazon listing is correct, Nvidia’s new Shield TV will release on October 28th. 

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