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With the hype of AMD Ryzen 2 out of the way and the phenomenal success of the server class AMD EPYC 2 processors, it is time to get excited about Threadripper 2.

It is expected that the new chips will be launched in November, though so far there has not been as much information leaked about the processors. The only official information is that they will be Zen 2 and use the 7nm fabrication process.

With the Zen 2 increased the core count and EPYC 2 processors going up to 64-core 128-thread it is no surprise that the new Threadripper chips will be doing similar.

All the following information is rumours and speculation, the information about the new Ryzen CPUs was not 100% accurate earlier in the year, pricing and frequencies were not accurate.

So far it is believed four CPUs will be launched, the 3990X, 3980X, 3970X, 3960X. Going from 64c/128t, 48/96, 32/64 and finally, the newly leaked 24 cored 48 thread entry-level chip.

As you might expect, however, with this increase in core-level and performance, we can likely expect to see a fairly significant increase in the TDP requirements.

The leak has suggested that the top-tier releases may even have a TDP as high as 280w. A factor that does perhaps make sense as it will simply be matching the recently launched AMD EPYC 7H12 processor.

Currently, frequencies and pricing are not known. Looking at the previous generations, the top end chips increased in prices significantly, but the like for like core chips dropped by $100 or more. However, if that trend continues that would mean the entry-level CPU this year would be about $1100-1200, which I doubt will happen. I would expect a small to moderate increase in price though.

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