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Recently we were kindly given a Xenta LT-201 Bluetooth Speaker to review from Ebuyer. This a low cost Bluetooth speaker which currently sells for just

£34.98 and is surprisingly good.

The actual device is a slightly ugly and a bit cheap looking but we are talking about a £35 speaker hear. Setting up the device could not be simpler, just plug it in, switch it on, make sure your Bluetooth is enabled and scan for devices, you should then be able to connect to LT-201EBY, and that is pretty much it! We didn’t have to input a password or anything and as soon as the devices were connected we could stream music to the speaker perfectly fine.

If your device supports the commands, you can also play & pause, and skip back and forward between tracks. You can also alter the volume from your phone, tablet or other connected Bluetooth device – however this will be restricted to the maximum volume set by the physical dial on the speakers.


Taking into account the cost of the speakers the sound quality is quite good and the speakers can get reasonably loud and they were able to comfortably fill our large office. Obviously these are not on Sonos level, and the base is lacking a bit but they are perfectly acceptable especially for the price. The range on the Bluetooth also seemed excellent and we had no issues with loss of signal with several meters between our phone and speakers. If you start to move between rooms with your phone things do start breaking up but this is to be expected.

If you prefer a direct connection then the speakers come with a line in so they could make excellent speakers for your computer. They also have a headphone port if needed.


Overall these are good speakers which wont leave you out of pocket. They are not audiophile level but they are perfect for a kitchen, or office for casual listening.


  • Rotary Volume Control with Digital Indicator
  • Standby, Input, Play, Forward, Back Buttons on Front Panel
  • 3.5mm Jack Stereo Line
  • Bluetooth distance no less than 10m
  • Digital Amplifier
  • External Power Supply
  • 40W Peak – 20W RMS


  • 2.0 Channel PC Speaker
  • Total RMS – 24W
  • Spear Driver Dimension 2.75 x 2
  • Chipset TPA420
  • Frequency response – 50Hz – 20khz
  • Woofer size L340mm x W105mm x H105mm
  • Input/Output:
  • 3.5mm Stereo signal cable with 1.5m
  • 3.5mm Stereo socket
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • AC Adapter
  • LED Indicator Light

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