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One of the major gripes about Netflix in the UK is the fact it has less content than its US version. This has led to a whole new range of online services allowing you to access international content from the UK. This originally was done just using a VPN to reroute your traffic through the chosen country, however companies like UniTelly now offer a much simpler alternative, and that is using DNS to dynamically change your region.

In the early days of DNS or VPN services you only had the option to route your traffic through 1 selected country, however UnoTelly has really improved upon this. It is now possible to select multiple regions based on the services your want and the device you are using. For example it is possible to be using the Canadian Netflix on one device, Sweedish on another, at the same time as accessing HULU which is a US service. Basically you can access any content you want from anywhere around the world!


Setting up UnoTelly is pretty easy, if you are doing it on your computer you have to change the DNS settings in your network connections, or you can do it within your router. Once this is done you need to update the IP address via your control panel and from there you should be good to go. If you set the DNS settings via your router every device in your home will use these DNS settings.

It is possible to authorise multiple networks so if you watch media from your work office, or another house then you just need to add then network to the list.

If you are on a mobile device the whole process is even easier, you just need to download the application and set the region you want!

Mobile UnoTelly
Unotelly on a Android.

If you have used DNS servers that are compatible with there Dynamo settings you can dynamically change your region for various services which are broken down into individual settings. So you have Netflix, WDTV settings, Sony devices, Samsung Smarthub, Play Store and many others.

They also have a list of Gold and Premium channels, the majority of these are automatically enabled, others you will need to enable through the Dynamo settings. Some example channels include HBO Go, Hulu, Amazon VOD, Showtime, and many more.

The biggest issue we had when using the service was getting the various services to recognise the DNS change. So for example logging into Netflix UK on chrome then changing it to US was a bit difficult, logging out was not enough to change the region. This is not really a problem with UnoTelly though, it is just the way computers and networks work. We found it was easiest just to log in via a different browser, alternatively you should be able to flush you DNS and clear your cookies and this should sort out the regions.

New US show Almost Human via Hulu

Overall this is an excellent service, found the performance of streaming to be flawless  and it is a must have if you are a heavy streamer as it will give you access to considerably more content compared to using a UK DNS. The monthly cost is $7.95 if you pay monthly, or $4.99 if you pay for the year, and for a limited time you get access to a VPN too.

You can sign up here

*Edit: Unotelly have pointed out they currently have a promotion on to earn free access to their service. You can get 1 month access for both a like and share or a follow and tweet:

Senna is available on US Netflix, but not the UK
Senna is available on US Netflix, but not the UK

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