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In CES 2020, Intel released its first discrete graphics card DG1, officially named Iris Xe Max, which focuses on the consumer notebook market and breaks the monopoly of NVIDIA and AMD in the market. The Chuwi CoreBook Xe will also be the first laptop to come with Intel’s DG1. It will be released worldwide in April 2021 and is expected to cost $599.

DG1 adopts the new XE architecture, 10nm process and has 96 EU execution units, 768 core stream processors, 1.65GHz core frequency, and independent 4GB video memory. In addition, the DG1 supports Intel’s Deeplink technology, which greatly improves video encoding performance. Intel says the integrated XE graphics card on Tiger Lake will have twice the graphics power of the previous generation! At CES, Intel smoothly demonstrated the AAA-level game Destiny 2.

According to the running score, the DG1 outperformed Nvidia’s current mainstream standalone MX450 in DX12, and the performance was close to that of the GTX 1050 TI MAX-Q. The DG1 improves visuals to fully unlock the capabilities of the laptop.

SpecificationIris Xe MAXDG1
Shading Unit768(96EUs)
Texture Mapping Unit48
Rasterization Processing unit24
Acceleration Frequency1650MHz
GeometryRate (Prim/Clock)2
Video Memory FrequencyLPDDR4X-4266
Video Memory Bit Width128-bit
Video Memory Size4GB

As a global strategic partner of Intel, Chuwi won the opportunity to collaborate with Intel’s DG1. The CoreBook Xe will also be one of the first laptops to be shipped with Intel’s DG1 discrete graphics card in the spring of 2021.

It is reported that Chuwi CoreBook Xe positioning portable business notebook. It focuses on efficient mobile productivity. CoreBook Xe uses Intel 10 generation i5-10210U processor which is four cores and eight threads. The core frequency can reach 4.2GHz. And the Intel DG1 Iris Xe Max can be compared to the discrete graphics card Geforce MX450 on the current high-end models. Equipped with 15.6 inches 16:9 IPS fully-screen. The resolution is 1920×1080 of 2K level. Pair with 8GB DDR4 memory and 256GB SSD flash memory and also supports up to 1TB SSD expansion.

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Each cross-generation technology traction and driving industry progress can bring users value innovation ultimately. Facing the year 2021, the PC industry has emerged with new development momentum, which is also destined to be an extraordinary competition. The Chuwi CoreBook Xe is the answer of Chuwi in 2021.

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