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RV (or Camper Van in the UK) camping has become so popular some retirees and digital nomads have chosen to use their RV as a permanent or semi-permanent home. Whether this is you or you simply enjoy travelling around the countryside on weekend getaways, you’ll find a host of gadgets and gizmos to make life on the road a little more comfortable and convenient. Check out these 12 must-have gadgets for your next RV trip.

The Basic Necessities

Making sure you have clean drinking water and power on the road is more than a convenience, it’s a necessity. And these days, having a reliable internet connection is too.  Take care of these basics with the following products.

1. Water Filter

If you’ve done any RVing, you may have discovered that the quality of drinking water varies from place to place. The property will either use water pulled from a well or a city water supply. Make sure you have the tastiest and safest water with an inline water purifier that fits directly into the RV water hose to filter out chemicals, sediments, and heavy metals.

2. Solar Panels & Portable Power Station

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

Stop worrying about where the next place to charge your batteries will be. Some RV solar panel kits are easy to install, and you’ll have free power no matter how far into the wilderness you may roam. And you’ll be using renewable energy! Furthermore, portable power stations can provide additional power away from the RV, allowing you to run any devices using mains sockets with a power draw from 500w to 2000w (depending on the size of the power station). These can also be charged via solar and, depending on your requirements, can potentially make you self-sufficient.  

3. Internet Signal Booster

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Poynting PUCK 5 on a canal boat

It’s hard to do anything these days without internet access. A signal booster will make sure you can check your email, do your banking, and stay in touch with civilization, even in remote locations. You may even be able to stream YouTube videos.

Kitchen Conveniences

Make your tiny mobile kitchen more efficient with products designed to save space.

4.  Collapsible Dish Drainer

Anything collapsible is going to be a big space saver in the kitchen. Collapsible dish drainers can be easily stored when not in use. They’re easy to use and collapse down to a height of 2 inches or less. A separate space for utensils helps your cutlery dry faster, and you can take it outside to use on your picnic table.

5. Nesting Pots and Pans

Nesting pots and pans will save lots of space in your RV’s cupboards. They come in sets with 10 pieces that fit snuggly inside each other and can be stored in as little as 1/2 cubic feet of space. They’re made to be used on any type of cooktop.

6. Countertop Icemaker

Yes, countertop space is limited in an RV, but try to make space for an icemaker that can make ice in as little as 8 minutes and produce as much as 25 pounds of ice in one day.

Outside the RV

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Any RVer will tell you they spend as much time outside the RV when it’s park as they do inside. Make it more fun and convenient with products like these.

7. Folding Outdoor Table

Folding outdoor tables come with small bags that you can store and carry them in. They’re great for eating outdoors, playing cards or board games, or sitting around the fire relaxing with drinks.

8. Outdoor Fire Pit

Not all campgrounds are created equal, and you may end up at one without a good fire pit or with restrictions on having a wood fire.  An outdoor fire pit is small enough to carry in your RV, comes with a carry kit, and can be lit with a matchless automatic ignition.

9. Camping Chairs

You’ll spend your outdoor time in more comfort with a few camping chairs. You can find foldable camping chairs that don’t take up a lot of room to carry and with great features like padded armrests and swing-away cup holders.

10. Outdoor Camping Rug

Set up an outdoor camping rug to create a patio away from home outside your RV. They’re made of breathable materials, won’t damage grass, and fold up into a bag for easy, compact storage and carrying.

A Clean and Organized Bathroom

Keep even the smallest bathrooms clean and tidy with products like these.

11. Blackwater Tank Cleaners

A swivel stick for your black water tank is a must-have for dislodging deposits that don’t ooze out at the dumping station. It works by providing a rotary cleaning action that removes the particles that cause unpleasant odours. It will also help keep your black tank sensors working properly.

12. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Organizer.

Reduce the clutter in your RV’s tiny bathroom with a wall-mounted organizer to keep toothbrushes and cups organized and sanitary. They’re made to fit 9 regular toothbrushes, 6 electric toothbrushes, and 3 cups.

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