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Recently we have seen Creative roll out new hardware versions for several of their popular devices, with the main change being the integration of their new SmartComms Kit.

The Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p is one of those products. The new V2 model is almost the same as the previous generation, the design changes a little, they have improved the cameras, but very little else has changed with the hardware. However, the new V2 has the SmartComms Kit which offers a variety of useful additions to improve the overall quality of your voice in video calls.

The main features that the SmartComms Kit offers is:

  • VoiceDetect automatically unmutes your mic when you speak and mutes when you stop.
  • NoiseClean helps eliminate background noise such as fan noise
  • NoiseClean does the same, but in reverse, cleaning up the audio from other people on the call/stream


  • HD 1080p 30FPS lens with 77-degree field of view
  • Privacy Cover
  • Dual built in mic
  • Flexible mounting with tripod mounting hole
  • 360° horizontal rotation and 30° vertical tilt
  • Plug and play
  • Smartcomms Kit
  • Long 1.8m / 70 inch cable


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The webcam can be mounted directly to your display using a little hinged clip that holds it in place. The camera itself is extremely lightweight, so it locks into place easily and securely.

Alternatively, there is a mounting hole allowing you to use a tripod for more flexibility on placement.

When not in use, the camera has a privacy door that snaps over the lens.


The camera uses the Creative App, which has the Smartcomms kit built-in. Using the app, you have various controls over the mic as well as enabling the different features of Smartcomms


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I avoid video calls, or calls in general for that matter, as much as possible. I have managed to scrape buy lockdown without buying a webcam. So, my overall experience is limited to the handful of zoom/video calls I have done via the built-in webcam of a laptop.

This works exactly as intended, it offers a significant improvement over laptop webcams or as a cheap solution to add a webcam to a desktop PC.

Being able to mount it and point it in a specific direction is obviously one of the main benefits vs my Huawei Matebook 13.

The camera has a 1080p sensor which may be limited by the software you choose to use, with Zoom you get 1080P.

Quality is good, offering superior image quality to my laptop.

Like most affordable cameras, the sensor starts to struggle in less than ideal light.  

The microphone, aided by the SmartComms Kit, offers vastly superior performance to the built in mic of my laptop. Admittedly, serious streamers or people on zoom calls regularly may want to invest in a decent microphone, but this isn’t aimed at that sort of user. Voice is clear, which can be improved with the NoiseClean feature, which will remove background noise. The automated function is handy, avoiding you having to remember to mute yourself.

Price and Alternative Options

The Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 has launched for £44.99, but the Amazon page already shows a 20% off voucher for me, which would take it down to £36

There are not many brands name 1080P cameras at this price point, showing that the Creative camera offers excellent value for money.

The best alternative would be Creative themselves, the original Creative Live! Cam Sync can be bought on Amazon for £29.99 with the available £5 voucher. You lose the SmartComms Kit and the microphones are not quite as good.

The ASUS C3 USB Webcam is around £50

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio Full HD 1080P is a popular option priced at around £60


I haven’t used the previous generation, so I can’t comment on how much things have improved. However, I have been impressed with the SmartComms Kit, both with this and the Creative Sound Blaster Play! 4. Based on the current Amazon pricing, I think the £6 price difference between this and the last model is well worth it.

There is not much in the way of competition either, so this looks to be one of the best solutions if you want an affordable webcam for all your zoom meetings.

Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 Review

James Smythe



The Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 is an excellent budget webcam that has useful software additions that make it worth the small price premium vs the previous generation.


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