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Philips Hue is expected to announce their new security system, Hue Secure, at the start of IFA this week, with the announcement due on Thursday 31st of August.

There have already been numerous leaks about the system, so we know roughly what to expect.

It is also worth noting that Signify, who own Philips Hue, also own WiZ which has also recently expanded into the home security market.

The first launch from Wiz was a basic indoor camera that’s priced at an affordable £79.99.

Philips Hue Secure Cameras

Philips Hue is expected to unveil four distinct camera models.

This will include:

  1. Hue Secure Cam Wired is expected to be priced at €199.95.
  2. Hue Secure Cam Wired Desktop comes with an estimated price tag of €229.99.
  3. Hue Secure Cam Battery could set you back €249.95.
  4. Hue Secure Flood Light Camera is the premium option, potentially costing €349.95.

Specific details are not available at the time, but if those prices are correct, that would place them at the higher end of the market.

A Google Nest Indoor camera will set you back around £70, whereas the outdoor cameras are £130. Arlo has an indoor camera for £80, and the Arlo Pro 5 is £210 or the Arlo Pro 4 is £110. Arlo also has a floodlight camera for £150.

Door Contact Sensor

Philips Hue Contact Sensor

Philips Hue will also be releasing a single contact sensor, which is expected to cost €40 and will use a CR2 battery and the ZigBee standard similar to their motion sensor, and bulbs.

Presumably, you should be able to integrate this into your system just like the motion sensors and then set up actions based on this triggering.

App and Subscription

At the moment, nothing is known for sure how Philips Hue will update their app to accommodate the new security system.

Assuming the cameras don’t store their footage locally, it is inevitable that there will be some sort of monthly fee required for cloud recordings. However, the WiZ camera has an SD slot of local storage for free recordings, but there is an optional subscription service to unlock additional such as 30-day cloud recording and the ability to define motion activity zones and/or privacy zones.


It is logical to move into the security side of things as it compliments smart lighting well. The contact sensor makes a lot of sense, allowing you to easily set up light automation for when doors open and close.

However, home surveillance is a highly competitive market, and the rumoured launch prices are high.

People are used to Philips Hue charging a premium for their products. They can get away with it because they are arguably the best smart lighting product on the market. But, can they do the same with cameras?

Competing brands have some amazing options, including superb low-light footage and advanced object detection, and brands like Eufy and Netatmo can do facial detection.

I would love to see some advanced features like facial detection on a Hue camera, as it would open up some fantastic automation features. But I think that might be an unrealistic expectation for their initial product offering.

Source: HueBlog

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