Nothing ear (1) earbuds confirmed to have active noise cancelling and cost £99 GBP

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I have not posted much about Carl Pei’s new company Nothing, yet, because most of the news has been uninteresting. The marketing strategy has been to trickle minor bits of none newsworthy information.

We knew that Nothing would release some earbuds, they told us the name ear (1), and more recently, they confirmed the launch would be on the 27th of July, but until now, we knew nothing about the Nothing earbuds.

One of the issues I have had is that TWS earbuds are launched daily. Almost every company has a pair, Amazon is saturated by decent quality and affordable earbuds. So it was a little hard to feel enthusiastic about the Nothing earbuds.

Today, they teased more information, but this time it is actually quite newsworthy, giving us an idea of where the earbuds are positioned within the market.

Nothing ear (1) will have state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancellation, which uses three high definition mics to bring your music, films and podcasts into sharp focus. Users can expect a premium user experience, alongside leading specs, like ANC, all for £99 GBP.

The designs of the earbuds have been teased too, and it looks like they are going to be transparent, which will make them a little more interesting to look at than all the other generic TWS earbuds out there.

The £99 price point with ANC is quite interesting; this is substantially below big brands such as Sony, Bose and Apple. Even the Huawei Freebuds Pro launched at £169 but now sell for £109. You have to look at more affordable brands such as Edifier if you want decent ANC at a sub-£100 price.

Can Nothing manage to make great-sounding earbuds with excellent ANC for a more affordable price than pretty much every big brand name out there?

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