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I hate business cards; they just clog up my wallet or require me to carry another separate card case with me. When I have them with me, no one asks for one, when I forget them, everyone asks for one.

Thankfully there are alternatives, NFC business cards have become increasingly fashionable in recent years. These make sharing you details a little easier, allowing you to encode a link into the NFC chip which can go to your website or a  VCF file with your contact details.

However, these follow the same path as dumb business cards; you get hundreds of them printed and hand them out to people.

Another alternative is on phones such as the Huawei P40 Pro, which has a handy business card feature in the contacts app, allowing you to share a QR code with your details.

What is the Mobilo smart business card?

The Mobilo smart business card offers a different approach, which makes much more sense than the typical NFC business card.

With this company you buy one plastic card, you can get a generic card for just €7 with the Mobilo branding on it, or have a custom print for €39. There is then an enterprise option which has things like analytics.

The card has both an NFC tag and a QR code, and these both are coded with a specific link.

The link itself redirects to a VCF card, so at first it doesn’t appear to offer anything different than a generic NFC card.

However, that link integrates with the Mobilo database, and the VCF file is dynamically generated. This then allows you to update your details as often as you like.

It is a simple solution, and kind of obvious, but this then means you only ever need one card, there is no need to reprint batches of them each time you want to make a tweak to the details stored on the card.

Furthermore, because the link is not to a static file, Mobilo are then able to offer analytics for when you have card taps (if you are on the enterprise plan).

Different link types

You don’t even need to link to something as dull as a VCF contact card either. Mobilo has four options to link to:

  • Business Card
  • Social Media Profile
  • Lead Generation Page
  • Web Link

I actually think he social media profile option is superior to linking out to the VCF file. With this option, you load up a web page hosted by Mobilo which then shows you details including social media links, then also a link to the business card file.

Then within the analytics, you not only see the card taps but link tracking data. So you know if someone clicked on a Facebook link. You can also use your website address in the link of links, and this will have a UTM_Source tag attached to it so you can see in Google analytics if anyone has visited your site via the link.

The lead generation tool is another excellent option; this links out to a customisable form where you can collect a users name, mobile number, email address, company name and a custom field. When they complete the form, you can have the system send an SMS text message to them with your contact details, and also receive a text message yourself with their details.

Price and Options

There are three options in total. The basic option which has the Mobilo branding on itm a custom card with your own branding and an enterprise option.

Mobilo Card – €7.00 (discounted)

  • Premium Business Card
  • NFC/RFID Enabled
  • QR Code for older phones
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • No monthly fees
  • Ships in 48hrs

Custom Card – €39

  • Same as the Mobilo Card but they custom print the card with your branding and contact details

Enterprise Cards – €65.00/year

  • Same as the custom card but they will also send out up to 2 free replacement cards if needed.
  • Card tap analytics
  • Admin login
  • CRM integration with apps such as Salesforce, Slack, Zoho and more.


I have been impressed with Mobilo card, it is quite a simple modern solution to a dated problem, but it works, and it works well.

With a price of €39.00 for the custom card, this will likely work out much cheaper than getting paper cards printed. This is an ideal solution for someone like me that rarely needs business cards and hates carrying them around.

The enterprise option costs a lot more, but the ability to get analytics, capture data and integrate with a CRM is a far superior way to capturing leads than handing out an old fashioned business card.

Mobilo Smart Business Card Review Rating


An excellent smart alternative to old fashioned business cards

  • Overall - 90%


You only ever need one card
Updatable contact details
Different link options


Enterprise option is a yearly fee so only worth it for people that do a lot of networking.

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