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MediaTek has announced the launch of four new automotive systems-on-chip (SoCs) within its Dimensity Auto Cockpit portfolio at NVIDIA GTC. The new chipsets, named Dimensity Auto Cockpit CX-1, CY-1, CM-1, and CV-1, are designed to offer powerful AI in-cabin experiences for the next generation of intelligent vehicles, spanning from premium to entry-level segments.

The Dimensity Auto Cockpit chipsets are built to support deep-learning capabilities, integrating a state-of-the-art ARM v9-A system and NVIDIA’s next-gen GPU accelerated AI computing and NVIDIA RTX graphics. This AI-enabled platform allows vehicles to run large language models (LLMs) locally, enabling features such as chatbots, rich content delivery to multiple displays, driver alertness detection, and other cutting-edge AI-based safety and entertainment applications.

Enhanced Security and Performance with Edge Processing

MediaTek Unveils Dimensity Auto Cockpit

By running applications locally, the Dimensity Auto Cockpit platform offers improved security, speed, and latency benefits compared to cloud-based solutions. The chipsets also incorporate hardware-based security features and support the latest automotive safety standards to further protect user data.

Edge processing brings several advantages to the automotive industry, including faster speeds, real-time instant reactions, lower latency, improved security, better reliability and availability, and more personalization options.

Transforming In-Cabin Entertainment and Safety

MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto Cockpit takes in-cabin entertainment to new heights by integrating an NVIDIA RTX GPU, which supports ray tracing for realistic visuals and lighting effects in games, as well as AI upscaling and frame generation for fast, fluid action. Passengers can seamlessly stream movies and other content across multiple displays, thanks to the chipsets’ support for the latest connectivity and memory technologies. Advanced video conferencing features, such as AI gaze correction and AI-based audio enhancement, are also available.

The highly integrated nature of the Dimensity Auto Cockpit CX-1, CY-1, CM-1, and CV-1 chipsets helps lower bill-of-material costs for automakers. The built-in multi-camera HDR ISP supports front-facing, in-cabin, and bird’s-eye-view cameras for a wide variety of safety applications. Additionally, the integrated audio DSP supports the latest voice assistants, allowing drivers to access information and control their infotainment system hands-free.

Comprehensive Automotive Product Portfolio

MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto family offers a complete product portfolio for the automotive industry, including Dimensity Auto Connect for high-speed telematics and top-performance Wi-Fi networking technologies, Dimensity Auto Drive for intelligent assist and autonomous driving solutions, and Dimensity Auto Components for reliable automotive-grade chipsets and stand-alone components.

Enabling the AI Cockpit of the Future

The collaboration between MediaTek and NVIDIA aims to enable the AI cockpit of the future, with the Dimensity Auto Cockpit chipsets harnessing NVIDIA’s graphics and AI technologies to deliver fresh in-vehicle user experiences, added safety and security capabilities, and enhanced connectivity services across vehicle segments.

Jerry Yu, Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s CCM Business Group, stated, “Generative AI is transforming the automotive industry in the same way that it has revolutionized the mobile market with more personalized and intuitive computing experiences. The Dimensity Auto Cockpit portfolio will unleash a new wave of AI-powered entertainment in vehicles, and our unified hardware and software platform makes it easy for automakers to scale AI capabilities across their entire lineup.”

Ali Kani, Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA, added, “Generative AI and accelerated compute are reshaping the automotive landscape. The new Dimensity Auto chipsets harness NVIDIA’s graphics and AI technologies, helping deliver fresh in-vehicle user experiences, added safety and security capabilities, and enhanced connectivity services spanning across vehicle segments.”

Supporting Modern Automotive Architectures

The new Dimensity Auto Cockpit SoCs are designed to support modern electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures, vehicle high-performance compute, and software-defined vehicle architectures. This flexibility allows automakers to integrate the chipsets into a wide range of vehicles, from premium to entry-level models, and enables them to offer advanced AI-powered features across their entire lineup.

Transforming the Automotive Industry with Deep Learning

Deep learning is transforming vehicles, enabling more personalized and intuitive computing experiences. The applications of AI in the automotive industry are limitless, ranging from person-centric features like intuitive and safe user interaction, emotion/cognitive recognition, biometric authentication, and health monitoring, to car-centric capabilities such as intelligent traffic prediction and routing, safety and ADAS advancements, predictive maintenance, and using the vehicle as a sensor.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the integration of advanced AI capabilities, such as those offered by MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto Cockpit chipsets, will play a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation. By enabling more personalized, secure, and entertaining in-vehicle experiences, these technologies will not only enhance the driving experience but also contribute to safer and more efficient roads.

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