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Logitech is one of the biggest and oldest players in the gaming peripheral market. I have personally used their products for the past 10 years maybe. I have just swapped out my old G15 keyboard for the fantastic G610 mechanical keyboard, and my main mouse has been the G9x for the last few years. Both the mouse and keyboard are still going strong, but it is nice to get new things.

Logitech has kindly sent me one of their latest mice to play with, the Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse. Shying away from the G naming convention, this is a back to basics 6 buttons design aimed at esports professionals.

Priced at £69.99 it is one of the more expensive mice in the Logitech range, only being outpriced by the G900.

The design bucks the growing trend of overly complex mice and is based around the old Logitech G100s mouse. It is very traditionally shaped, but it includes RGB lighting on the logo and around the rear of the mouse. In my opinion, this is great, I like things simple. It is also extremely light, certainly compared to my G9x and weight in at just 83g. The 6 button design is also to my liking, I don’t do MMOs so millions of buttons are not needed, and this is obviously also the case for any FPS based esports.

Tracking resolution is from 200 – 12000dpi so it should be more than responsive enough for even the most competitive of gaming. I am currently working on a 46” 4K screen, so the responsive mouse is a godsend when dragging the cursor across the screen.

I decided to load up Overwatch to see if it helped with my shocking performance and the results were good. Well, maybe not good in that it improved my performance, but good in that it mouse felt very responsive, the basic lightweight design made sure I didn’t misclick on anything and overall it was a pleasure to play with. Ashes of the Singularity also performed similarly well, sometimes I feel with high DPI mice, I can overshoot where I want my cursor to be slightly, which can be an issue in some games, but this didn’t seem to be an issue here.

I am more inclined towards strategy game and ARPG style games, with my two favourite recently being XCom and Deus Ex. A high-performance mouse is less important here than other games, but as you would expect the Logitech Pro performed admirably.

Overall, this is a solid mouse, you get high-end gaming performance without dozens of unnecessary buttons and it looking like it was designed by a teenager. This gives it a good universal appeal, not just for gamers but for homes where the computer is mixed use.

My PC is more like 80% work 20% gaming, so it is nice to have something a little more understated during the day. My Girlfriend already moans about how sensitive I have the mouse, if I had an MMO style mouse, she would have no chance using it.

The main downside in the UK is the pricing. If you are a serious e-Gamer, then this may not be a concern for you, but for everyone else £69.99 is quite steep, Logitech themselves have cheaper and very compelling alternatives (based on specs). The G502 is just £52.50 at the moment, and goes down the gaming style route, with 11 programmable buttons and an aggressive design, you still get 12,000 dpi, but it is about 50% heavier. The G303 may be a better buy for more casual users at £59.99, it has a pleasant looking design, 6 buttons, 12K dpi, and weighs just 87g.

However, looking at competing products, the Razer Chroma Deathadder offers a similar basic design, but has lower DPI and costs more. So how expensive it is really is, is subjective.

If the price isn’t a major issue for you, and you just want a great performing mouse without loads of buttons then the Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse makes a great choice



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