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In just 11 days, Huawei will launch their next flagship phone range, the Mate 30 series. As usual, Huawei likes to announce a few more things along with this, and the Huawei Watch GT 2 will be one of them.

Huawei has released a clip-on Weibo confirming this, but have not revealed much else apart from the fact it will be powered by the Kirin A1, which is also featured in the Freebuds 3.

Previous leaks have confirmed several features including built-in GPS and optical heart rate monitor. The smartwatch will also have a mic and a speaker and will ship with a 445 mAh battery.

There will be two models of the Watch GT 2 – Classic and Sport.

These watches use Lite OS which essentially makes them a feature watch, making them a little closer matched to Garmin than WearOS. This benefit of this is that the watch has exceptional battery life compared a full wearable OS. The specification of the original Watch GT states 14 days for typical use. Though one of the PR reps I was with at IFA claimed he was getting closer to 4 weeks from his watch.

With this watch using the Kirin A1 chipset, it should bring all the benefits you see from the Freebuds 3. This includes an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.1 that includes improved location awareness, lower power and improved connectivity.

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