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The Hoover HF9 is a flagship cordless vacuum cleaner that Hoover claims to be twice as powerful as Shark’s best-selling cordless vacuum.

The brush heads use what they call Anti-Twist technology that features an integrated comb to prevent hair from becoming wrapped around the roller during cleaning.

One of the options available to buy is a pet edition which also includes a spare battery. This then extends the run time to up to 60 mins and also allows you to charge one battery while continuing to clean.

Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful 60 min... Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful 60 min... No ratings yet £272.00Amazon Prime

Features / Specification

Hoover HF9 Anti Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Assembled
  • Motor: 350W brushless motor
  • Air Watts: 130 AW
  • Filter: Washable filter
  • Features: Anti-Hair wrap automatically removes hair from the brush bar
  • Floor Types:
  • Battery: 2 x 21.6 V with 30 mins runtime each
  • Capacity: 0.7 litres
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 1130 x 270 x 230 mm (H x W x D)
  • Warranty: 5 year with registration

Home vs Pets Edition

The HF9 has multiple options with a price range from £265 up to £349 if you buy from hooverdirect.co.uk.

The pets addition gives you an additional motorised mini turbo pets brush, and this edition also has either a single or double-battery model.

Included Attachments & Accessories

Hoover HF9 Anti Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review disassembled

The includes cleaning parts with this vacuum are:

  • Main brush head
  • 2-in-1 Dusting/Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Motorised Mini Turbo Pets Brush

You then also get a wall mount and charger.

I have had a couple of upright vacuums that include a stand with an integrated charger. I much prefer these as you just place the vacuum back in place, and it automatically starts charging. It also saves me from drilling holes into things for the mount.

Some vacuums also come with a wide range of attachments. The Jimmy H9 Pro had 5 different head attachments, a bendable main pole, then a flexible hose. While I like the idea of this, I rarely use any of the additional bit, and they inevitably get lost. The only thing that could be useful would be a soft head roller for hard floors.

Floor Suitability

Hoover advertises this as being suitable for pretty much everything:

  • Carpets and rugs.
  • Deep pile carpet and rugs.
  • Wool carpet.
  • Suitable for hard floors.
  • Suitable for laminate flooring.
  • Suitable for upholstery.
  • Suitable for stairs.

Power / Air Watts Comparison

MotorAir WattsCapacityBatteryWeightPrice
Hoover HF9350W130AW
0.7l30 mins max per battery
12 mins turbo
3.4 kg£265/£349
Halo CapsuleNot Stated120AW1.6l bags60 mins max2.6kg
Jimmy H9 Pro600W200AW0.6l80 mins max
17 mins max
Tineco PURE ONE S15 PRO500W229AW*0.5l40 mins max
10 mins turbo
Proscenic P12400W120AW1.2L60 mins max
13 mins turbo
1.95 kg£189
Dyson V8425W115AW0.54L40 mins max 2.56kg£250
Dyson V10 Absolute525W150AW0.77L60 mins max2.61kg£349
Dyson V12

0.35L60 mins
5 mins turbo
Shark IZ300UKT200AW*0.7L60 min4.58 kg£329

The Hoover website doesn’t appear to provide any details about the power or suction levels, but Argos and other websites state this has a 350W brushless motor with 130 air watts of power.  

Some brands will quote the suction power or the motor wattage, but these don’t always reflect the true performance or efficiency. An air watt is a measurement unit of the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners which refers to airflow and the amount of power (watts) a vacuum cleaner produces and uses.

Other brands don’t provide any numbers, they argue that all these things are inaccurate and prone to manipulation. I’d agree that some companies seem to advertise bigger numbers than real-world performance, I am sceptical of the 600W/200AW claims of the Jimmy H9 Pro.

I compiled a list of popular cordless vacuums to see how they compare. Some figures I had to source from ecommerce listings or independent tests, so they may not be 100% accurate. The starred AW numbers are based on independent testing.

Hoover make claims that this vacuum is twice as powerful as Shark’s best-selling cordless vacuum, but it is not clear which one that is. The IZ300UKT is the most reviewed on Amazon and has a similar price point as the Hoover. Trusted Reviews found that it had 200AW of suction power vs 203AW for the Hoover.

Cleaning Performance

Hoover HF9 Anti Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review vs Proscenic P12 vs Tineco

Hoover states that this vacuum has efficient power management, and the powerful brushless motor will clean 120sqm of hard floor and carpet, with no loss of suction, from a single battery pack.

With the Turbo Boost enabled, the battery life will reduce to 12 minutes for when you need extra powerful suction.

The vacuum has four power options in total, with one being the turbo.

The motorised mini brush is designed to be used on upholstery, and it should provide enough power to lift off any pet hair that gets stuck to your furniture.

Cleaning performance is impressive; we have a mixture of carpets and hardwood.

I used this both for my normal cleaning and then attempted to do some synthetic tests to see how it handles different things. I tested the vacuum with flour, rice, and sugar, all of which were cleaned up with ease.

Hoover HF9 Anti Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Assembled 1

With the normal suction level, this is good at keeping on top of the daily grime. It can pick up small particles like dust or flour reasonably well, but on carpet, you may need a couple of passes.

For larger debris, the performance continued to be excellent, occasionally, it may need a couple of passes, I think the roller sometimes doesn’t quite catch things.  

For hard floors, it can be better to use a soft roller which will collect debris better, but this vacuum doesn’t have one of those attachments. As I have mixed floors, I rarely use them anyway, I am too lazy to be swapping heads all the time. We constantly have various bits of debris on our kitchen floor, and I have found that this manages to clean everything up effectively.

I rarely do a full house clean, just one room at a time here and there. Therefore, for day-to-day use, I almost always use the turbo to make sure I clean up as much as possible. The turbo appears to be excellent, and it was very effective at cleaning my office and upstairs hallway, collecting an embarrassingly large amount of dust.

There wasn’t an occasion where I felt this was struggling to clean anything in my house, which is the main thing we want for a vacuum.

Comparing this to the other cordless vacuums I have, I’d say this is either the best or at least equal to the Tineco PURE ONE S15 PRO (which costs £549). It is definitely better than the Jimmy H9 Pro, even though that has a much high air watt rating.

To empty the bin, you can either leave it attached to the vacuum or fully remove allowing you to thoroughly clean it. With the bin removed, you can access one of the washable filters. There is then a second filter in the main part of the body.  

Anti-Twist Technology – Does it work?

This vacuum is advertised as having Anti-Twist technology that features an integrated comb to prevent hair from becoming wrapped around the roller during cleaning. Most brands seem to advertise this sort of technology, but I find it can be hit or miss.

The double battery model I was sent is advertised as being for pets. During my review, I was actually dog-sitting a cockapoo, but as far as hair goes, she was the least of my problems. My partner, on the other hand, ought to be bald, considering the amount of hair I have to remove from our robot vacuums.

It is a weekly task, and the roller on our main robot vacuum is almost destroyed because of it. In her defence, it also gets snagged with all my wires.

So, the anti-twist functionality is very appealing, and during the review process, the vacuum did seem to do an outstanding job at avoiding getting hair wrapped around the brush. The puppy doesn’t shed much, but she did rip apart a string toy and leave debris everywhere, and none of this got caught up.

I probably need a few months to see how well it handles my partner’s hair long-term, but initial impressions are positive.


The HF9 I was sent has two batteries which are supposed to last up to 30 mins each. The battery is easily detachable, so you can swap it out within seconds and then put it on a charge while you continue to clean.

The display doesn’t show a percentage; instead, it shows a run time. I didn’t time this, but I would say it was approximately correct, and it is a more useful way of measuring the battery than just percentage.

Replacement Parts

One issue I have noticed with some of the affordable random Chinese brands I review is that the availability of replacement parts can be unreliable. For Hoover and well-known brands in general, you have reliable access to any spare part you may need, but often at a premium price.

Hoover has a dedicated website at hooverspares.co.uk

Some examples of spare parts and prices include:

  • Battery Pack: £96
  • Filter Kit: £20
  • Agitator (the roller): £18

Price and Alternative Options

Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful 60 min... Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful 60 min... No ratings yet £272.00Amazon Prime

The Hoover HF9 has multiple product options and at the time of writing, buying from hooverdirect.co.uk appeared to be the cheapest:

  • Home Edition Single Battery: £265 (£379 RRP)
  • Pets Edition Single Battery: £281 (£399 RRP)
  • Pets Edition Double Battery: £349 (£499 RRP)

Considering that buying a spare battery later on, may cost you £96, then the double battery option appears to be the best buy.

The Shark IZ300UKT should have similar performance and costs a touch less than the double-battery HF9, but considerably more than the single-battery model. It also weighs over a kilo more.

The Dyson V12 has a similar cleaning performance but is much smaller and lighter. However this costs £430.


The Hoover HF9 is an excellent cordless vacuum that does everything I want from a cordless vacuum without the addition of fancy and unnecessary features or accessories.

Cleaning performance is excellent. The individual battery performance is OK, not great, but the double battery option is a perfect solution. I was also very impressed with the anti-twist technology; so far, I haven’t had an issue with hair being tangled up.

Overall, the Hoover HF9 gets a strong recommendation from me, and I will likely use this as my main cordless vacuum for the foreseeable future.


Are Hoover vacuum filters washable?

Yes and it is recommended to wash them periodically and then replace them annually.

How do I clean the filter on my Hoover cordless vacuum?

There are two filters:

  • One in the main dust compartment. You need to remove the dust container, and the filter is accessible at the top.
  • Another is in the main unit itself. With the dust container removed, you can pull down the plastic part that contains the filter.

To achieve optimal outcomes, rinse the filters with warm water and ensure they are completely dry before reinserting them, which may require up to 24 hours. To maintain peak performance of your vacuum cleaner, it is advised by Hoover to replace the filters annually.

Where to buy replacement parts & filters?

Hooverdirect.co.uk should stock all the spare parts, filters, and accessories that you may need.

Can I buy a spare battery?

Yes, hooverdirect.co.uk sells batteries for £96

Hoover HF9 Pet Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Rating


The Hoover HF9 is an excellent cordless vacuum that does everything I want from a cordless vacuum without the addition of fancy and unnecessary features or accessories.

  • Overall - 90%


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Double battery option
  • Anti-twist technology seems to work well


  • No soft roller
  • No charging stand/mount

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