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Back in the day when I first started PC gaming, I had a stool, then a wicker chair, over the years I finally ascended opting for Herman Miller which I have had for a decade now. Since then, gaming chairs have boomed in popularity, with them all adopting the racer chair style with many brands and price points to choose from.

Last year I reviewed the E-Win Racing Flash gaming chair, which was excellent with numerous adjustments to maximise your comfort and excellent build quality. However, that chair costs over £300, which is beyond the price range of many.

If you are happy to sacrifice some of the adjustment options, then the BraZen Puma PC Gaming Chair comes in at around a third of the price of the E-Win at just £99.

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My initial impressions where how remarkably similar this is to the E-Win, unpacking all the components and the build process felt very familiar.

Having to build a chair sounds like a laborious process akin to building flatpack furniture, but there is not a great deal to it and only one part that is a bit tricky.

All the components are screwed into place using hex bolts, and the hex key is supplied, the instructions are not super clear, but overall, it is not hard to follow.

The one tricky point was attaching the back of the chair on, getting the screws to line up accurately while holding everything in place was a little challenging by myself. For two people it should not be a problem.


As far as basic build and comfort go, there is not a huge difference between this and the E-Win, they both use PU-leather coated memory foam. This allows you to mould to the seat for maximum comfort, but neither of these materials is breathable, so you risk overheating and getting a little clammy. This does have some mesh material segments so there will be a small amount of added breathability.

The main area that differentiates this between the E-Win is the level of adjustments. This has minimal options, no arm adjustments at all, and only the ability to enable the pivot and height.

I have found that the pivot function is quite firm and favours you leaning forward, this is similar to how the E-Win was.


For the price there isn’t much to complain about here, it is affordable and comfortable to use. The lack of adjustments does make it harder to find that sweet spot in comfort, but I am not sure it is worth spending £200 more for this.

Overall, if you are a gamer on a budget then this is a decent option to go for providing that classic gamer aesthetic while being comfortable.

BraZen Puma PC Gaming Chair Review


The lack of adjustments can make getting comfortable harder but this is considerably cheaper than some competing brands while offering the same sort of comfort and build quality for the main chair components.

  • Overall - 80%

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