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Google Stadia and the Nvidia Shield TV are a match made in heaven. The Android console is the most powerful android set top box on the market and already has a fantastic roster of games that you can play on it, as well as acting as a superb Plex media server.

So it may come as no surprise that Nvidia are rumoured to be refreshing the Shield to be more focussed on Google Stadia. Leaks suggest this could include an edition without a controller for those who have already purchased Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, which comes with the Stadia Controller.

Nvidia hasn’t developed a success to their Tegra X1 processor, so that will remain the same, they will, however, deliver it with higher clocks for improved performance. The OS should be Android 9 Pie, an upgrade from the Android 8 Oreo OS that powers the currently available model.

While the original shield has Chromecast built in, it is expected that this will come with Chromecast Ultra support to allow gamers to play Google Stadia titles in 4K HDR.

Nvidia has their own GeForce NOW cloud streaming service which will be in direct competition with Stadia, but this is currently in beta and the Stadia launch could provide a big sales boost for the Nvidia Shield.

The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition will grant gamers early access to what would normally be a free to access service. It will also include a special Wi-Fi gaming controller that connects to the Stadia servers directly rather than pairing with a device in your home. There will also be three months to Stadia Pro which is needed for 4K streaming.

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