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Christmas is just around the corner, and Italian smart lighting company Twinkly is debuting new products to help households deck their halls this holiday season. Twinkly aims to make Christmas lighting displays easy yet dazzling, with app-controlled lights that can display customized animations and effects. This year Twinkly is introducing the new Twinkly Plus line for advanced outdoor installations, as well as C9 faceted string lights that add vintage charm.

Twinkly Plus Takes Outdoor Holiday Lighting to the Next Level

The new Twinkly Plus line is designed for homeowners who want to create spectacular outdoor lighting displays. With the Plus line, possibilities are endless for crafting magical Christmas light animations.

The 4-port Plus Controller can connect up to four Twinkly Plus strands and support up to 1000 smart LEDs in total. Users can choose from over 16 million colours and program lighting effects right from the Twinkly app. The Plus Controller offers both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for convenience and stability.

For truly massive displays, multiple Plus Controllers can be linked together via the app. The IP65 weatherproof rating on Plus products ensures lights will withstand the elements for seasons to come.

Twinkly designed the Plus line for small businesses wanting to decorate storefronts and restaurants, as well as homeowners aiming for professional-grade outdoor installations. Available Plus products include Strings, Dots, Icicles, Curtains, and S14 lights.

Twinkly also offers a suggested Plus Bundle, which contains the Controller and four 250 LED Strings, for £999.99. Individual Plus products range from £109.99 to £199.99.

C9 Faceted Lights Blend Vintage Style With Smart Tech

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In addition to the Plus line, Twinkly is releasing C9 faceted string lights that provide a nostalgic pinecone shape with integrated smart technology. The multifaceted bulbs diffuse light in a sparkling display.

The C9 lights come in 12 or 24 metre lengths, with 40 or 80 LEDs respectively. Users can customize animations and colours using the Twinkly app. These lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The 12 metre, 40 LED C9 lights cost £99.99, while the 24 metre, 80 LED version is £189.99. They join Twinkly’s existing holiday offerings like Wreaths, Icicles, and Pre-Lit Trees, which are all controllable via the Twinkly app.

With stunning customizable lighting effects and rugged outdoor options, Twinkly aims to help households deck their halls in style this Christmas. The Twinkly Plus and C9 faceted lights add exciting new possibilities for indoor and outdoor holiday displays.

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