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For professional sports, player salaries are an important factor. They reflect the demand for the athlete’s talent and their value within the sport. Professional athlete salaries are also seen as a competitive measure within the industry. Football clubs have to offer higher salaries than others to retain their talented players or to attract other talented players. By retaining skilled players, a team can win more matches and boost their popularity with fans and sports bettors alike. Furthermore, players who receive high salaries will continuously improve their skills to ensure they are paid for their outstanding performance on the field. Many UK sports players have made a global name for themselves playing for the Premier League. But who are the highest-paid in the league this year?

Kevin de Bruyne

Kevin is a professional football player who joined Manchester City in 2015. He is a midfielder known for his technical skills, vision, and passing ability. This Belgian superstar has helped his team win the FA Cup and the Premier League domestic titles. His contributions on the field have led to his accolades. This includes the Premier League Playmaker of the Season and PFA Players of the Year. De Bruyne currently earns a massive £400,000 per week. The player is a great asset to Manchester City; he has become one of their greatest players and is considered to be one of the best midfielders of the current era.

Erling Haaland

Although Haaland wasn’t playing for Manchester City against Crystal Palace, he is still a top athlete with the salary to prove it. He is known for his clinical finishing, speed, and strength, which makes him a talented Norwegian footballer. Currently, he earns £375,000 per week.Similar to De Bruyne, Haaland has a history of success and as such has a big following of fans and sports bettors alike. Because of his skill and success on the field, Haaland is a top betting option for many sports enthusiasts, especially on the first and anytime goalscorer markets. With recent updates to the betting industry in the UK in the last year, savvy sports bettors wanting to place wagers on Haaland and others should be sure to research and find a reputable sportsbook first before placing any wagers. He’s currently the odds-on favourite for this year’s Golden Boot, at around 4/11 with many UK-based bookies.

Jadon Sancho

This professional football player transferred from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United during the summer of 2021. He is an English winger who shows creativity while out of the field. He also has exceptional dribbling skills. His professional career started at Manchester’s youth academy before he moved in 2017 to Borussia Dortmund. Currently, he earns £350,000 per week and is a popular athlete for fans and bettors to wager on due to his creativity and unique playing style on the field. 

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed joined Liverpool in 2017 and is known for his goal-scoring ability, speed, and agility while playing in the forward position. With a high goal-scoring record, Salah is a popular playing and solid betting option, who is currently the bookies’ second-favourite for this season’s Golden Boot award. He earns £350,000 per week. Salah has also helped his team win both international and domestic titles. The titles that helped his team win are the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, and The FIFA Club World Cup.

Raphael Varane

This professional footballer joined Manchester United after completing his transfer from Real Madrid. He earns £340,000 per week and is a French centre-back known for his composure when handling the ball, defensive prowess, and aerial ability. He won both international and domestic titles while playing for Real Madrid, including four UEFA Champions League titles. He is an internationally established player, representing the French national team in many tournaments.

Kai Havertz

Joining from Chelsea, Kai, a talented German footballer who plays midfield or forward, has versatile skills. Known for his goal-scoring ability, versatility, and technical skills, which led to his team’s success. He earns £330,000 per week and has a huge following of loyal fans who enjoy predicting the outcomes of his matches.

Raheem Sterling

This English footballer plays for Chelsea and earns £325,000 weekly. You can witness his agility, speed, and goal-scoring ability on the field. He plays as a winger and, using his amazing talents, stands out from the other players.

Romelu Lukaku

After playing for Chelsea from 2011-2014, he rejoined the club during the summer of 2021 and earns £325,000 weekly. This Belgian striker has great skills on the field, such as his goal-scoring ability, physicality, and strength. He also played for other football clubs, such as Everton and Inter Milan, before he moved to Chelsea. It has been noted that he will be leaving Chelsea and possibly signing with Inter Milan in the future, which will be an interesting shift for many loyal fans. 

Jack Grealish

Grealish plays for Manchester City and joined in August 2021. He earns £300,000 weekly and is known for his ability to draw fouls from opponents, agility, and close ball control. He has also represented the England national team.


Casemiro’s full name is Carlos Henrique Casimero, and he’s a professional football player from Brazil. He joined Man Utd in 2022 and is a midfielder. He is known for great skills on the field, such as his tactical awareness, ability to break up opposition attacks, and physicality. Earning £300,000 per week, he helped the team win many international and domestic titles, which include the UEFA Champions League Trophies. He has also represented the Brazilian national team at the FIFA World Cup and Copa América.

Gabriel Jesus

This professional player plays for Arsenal and is known for his goal-scoring ability, speed, and agility. He represented Brazil at various levels, both internationally and domestically. He earns £265,000 per week. Although he missed the start of the 2023-2024 season due to a knee injury, he has made 21 appearances thus far. Even with a knee injury, Jesus is a solid option for sports bettors to place a wager on in the coming season.

Reece James

This English football player is a right-back and has played for Chelsea since he was young. He earns £250,000 per week and made his debut in 2019. He is capable of playing right-wing back, right back, and central defender. His defensive skills, physicality, and pace make him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

João Cancelo

Cancelo, like many others on our list, currently plays for Manchester City, and joined them in 2019 from Juventus. He is a right-back player and can also play other positions, such as midfield and a left-back. He is a versatile player on the field, as he can defend and offend and use his technical skills and pace to control the game. His crossing ability and dribbling skills on the field are amazing. He is also known for representing the Portuguese national team at the international level. He earns £250,000 per week, has a solid fan following, and is a popular bet on the field. 

John Stones

Stones joined Manchester City in 2016 and has become one of the team’s best defense players. Earning £250,000 per week, he is known for his composure when handling the ball and his role as a center-back using his excellent defensive and passing skills. He has also helped his team win domestic titles such as the Carabao Cup and the Premier League. He also represented the English national team in major tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship and the FIFA World Cup.

Mason Mount

This English midfielder started in Chelsea’s youth academy and worked his way up the ranks. He helped the team with their recent success of winning the UEFA Champions League in the 2020-2021 season. He earns £250,000 per week. Mount is a popular player with a great base of loyal fans. 

Anthony Martial

Martial joined Manchester United Football Club in 2015 from AS Monaco. He plays a forward position, earning £250,000 per week, and is known for his wide range of skills, such as his dribbling ability. He also plays a wing or central striker position, which shows his various attacking positions.

Declan Rice

This English midfielder plays for Arsenal and earns £250,000 per week. Aspects such as tactical awareness, composure when handling the ball, and the ability to break up opposition attacks when out on the field are part of his top skills. He also represents the England national team and has become part of the team’s regular fixture setup.

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno is a professional Manchester United Football Club player earning £240,000 weekly. He has become one of the best midfielders on the team since joining the club in January 2020. He’s contributing to assets, goals, and the team’s attacking play.

Phil Foden

This professional footballer debuted with Manchester City in 2017 and now earns £225,000 weekly. He is known to create scoring opportunities when playing on the field and also shows great technical skills. With a big base of loyal fans, Phil is a popular player and a solid betting option on the field. 

How Footballer Salaries Are Determined

Various factors go into determining players’ salaries. These factors include their market value, skill level, experience, performance, and the financial capabilities of the club they are playing for. To determine a footballer’s salary, the representatives of the players and the club’s managers will usually have to negotiate. Market value typically refers to the playing position, age, potential, and past performances of a player. The club’s financial capabilities also affect the players’ salaries. This means clubs with higher revenues can give players higher salaries.Several factors contribute to high salaries in the UK sports industry, such as: 

  • Sponsorship and endorsements: Athletes have various endorsements and brands they work with, increasing their income streams. Athletes who spend more time marketing themselves will make more money. Globalization and market demand: Sports have become globalized, leading to players being in demand and clubs willing to pay high salaries to retain or buy them from other clubs.Competition and player power: Salaries are driven up because of the competitiveness of the sporting industry. For players who have better skills or track records, they can negotiate a higher salary.Revenue generation: Items such as ticket sales, licensing, merchandise, and other revenue streams can bring in extra money for the industry and be reinvested into players’ salaries.

In regards to player sponsorships, companies will often seek out popular players within the sports industry to market their products and attract more clients. These endorsements or sponsorships can help a player become financially stable long after they do not play professionally. Here are some key impacts this can have on a player’s salary.

  • Increased Income: Athletes are paid to promote services and products, adding to the players’ popularity and influence among their fans.Brand Exposure: Athletes will have increased visibility and exposure to a wider audience.Long-Term Financial Security: These endorsements can be signed for multiple years, giving athletes a consistent and stable income. Many athletes do something different after they retire, so long-term brand sponsorships can smooth that transition. Global Reach: This allows international brands to reach out to athletes to promote their brands, which will also broaden the athlete’s fan base.Enhanced Marketability: These endorsements and sponsorships can help athletes’ marketability, giving them potential sponsors and making them stand out from other teams.

A few trends and dynamics must be considered when comparing salaries across the sporting industry. These points below can apply to all sports and are not limited to one set sport. These are the key points to remember when analyzing salary comparisons.

  • Revenue Generation: For sports that have higher revenue, players will get paid higher salaries, for example, basketball, Formula One, baseball, and football are all high-revenue sports and so those players will be paid well. Global Popularity: International sports can also affect the players’ salaries, especially by factoring in sponsorship deals from big global brands.League Structure: Salaries can be influenced based on the structure of the competition or league.Collective Bargaining Agreements: Salaries can be determined through the use of collective bargaining between the league management and the unions.

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