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Massage guns have boomed in popularity in recent years, with many fitness influencers sponsored to advertise them on social platforms like Instagram.

Massage guns have been commercially available since around 2008, when chiropractor Jason Werseland suffered a herniated disc and back pain following a motorcycle accident.

Westland’s device became known as the TheraGun G1 professional massager, and TheraGun, now Therabody, has dominated the market since.

I strongly disagree with the practice of chiropractor therapy; it is pseudoscience, and there are plenty of cases where a chiropractor has caused serious harm to clients through neck manipulation.

However, some modern chiropractors have more of a physiotherapy approach, and percussive therapy through massage guns is something worth considering. In particular, many people find them a superior alternative to foam rollers.

What is Percussive therapy?

Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun Review accesories

Percussive therapy (PT) was developed in 1950. It is a type of massage treatment that uses rapid, repetitive pulses of pressure and vibration to provide therapeutic benefits to the body.

Key points about percussive therapy:

  • It delivers rapid, repetitive strokes directly to the muscles and connective tissues using devices like massage guns or percussion massagers. This differs from other types of massage that use slower, broader strokes applied to the skin’s surface.
  • The rapid percussion causes contractions and stretches the muscle tissue, helping to improve mobility and flexibility. It can also help loosen fascia and break up knots or adhesions.
  • It aims to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, which can help relieve muscle soreness and aid recovery. This makes it popular among athletes.
  • Potential benefits include reduced muscle pain/soreness, improved range of motion, enhanced athletic performance, and quicker injury recovery.
  • It provides a convenient, cost-effective, self-administered alternative to traditional massage therapy. Massage guns allow users to target specific muscle groups as needed.

Is percussive therapy effective?

The effectiveness of percussive therapy appears to be inconclusive, but there are several reports of positive effects.

In this systematic literature review, the results found that PT delivered by massage guns can help improve acute muscle strength, explosive muscle strength and flexibility, and reduce experiences of musculoskeletal pain.

In this study, they found that Dorsiflexion ROM increased following the percussive massage treatment, and it was suggested that including a percussive massage treatment in a warm-up regimen to optimise the flexibility level of an athlete, without losing muscle performance.

In this systematic review, they concluded that massage guns could be applied in order to improve short-term ROM, flexibility and recovery-related outcomes. In strength, balance, acceleration, agility and explosive activities, they either did not have improvements or they even showed a decrease in performance. Although the positive responses may be mainly mechanical, vascular and neuronal, there are still uncertainties about the physiological effects of these instruments.

If you look on Reddit, there are many anecdotal reports of positive experiences. In general, people find they work as advertised; they are good for alleviating tightness and warming up muscles, but they should be used with caution and not excessively.


  • Amplitude: 10mm
  • Thrust: 11kg
  • RPM: up to 3200rpm
  • Speed Levels:
    • 3200rpm
    • 2600rpm
    • 2000rpm
  • Battery: 2000mAh with up to 6 hours of runtime
  • Charging: USB-C & 2 charge
  • Weight: 430g body
  • Dimensions: Body is 113mm wide and 154mm high
  • Heads:
    • Ball Head
    • Flat Head
    • Bullet Shape Head
    • Y Shape Head


Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun Design Ball Head Attached

Powerful Brushless Motor

The massage gun features a powerful brushless motor with three speed settings – 2000, 2600 and 3200 RPM. The motor delivers a vibration amplitude of 10mm to provide deep and effective massages to help relieve muscle soreness.

Compact and Portable

Weighing just 0.45kg, the massage gun has a lightweight and compact design that makes it perfect for portable use whether at home, the gym or outdoors.

6 Hour Run Time & USB-C Charging

It also features a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 6 hours of runtime from a 2 hour charge via the handy USB-C port.

Target Multiple Muscle Groups

You can switch between the four included silicone massage heads to target different muscle groups like the hands, back, legs, neck and waist. The heads are waterproof, skin-friendly and easy to clean after each use.

Safety Features

To prevent overuse injuries, the device has an auto shut-off feature that powers down the motor after 10 minutes of continuous operation. You can also easily adjust the pressure to find the right level for your needs.

Design / Accessories

Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun Design Side view

I have a couple of standard-sized massage guns, so the main thing that stands out about this massage gun is the smaller dimensions.

It is both easier to handle and much more portable than a normal massage gun. You can easily take this with you in a gym bag without it taking up too much room or weighing you down.

Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun Design power and USB

Beyond that, it is a relatively simple design. The heads are inserted easily but securely, and you just need to pull them off when you want to charge.

On the base are the USB-C charging and the power button. You hold the power button down to switch it on, then do a short press to change the intensity level.

There is no display or granular control over the intensity level, but this is to be expected on an affordable mini massage gun.


My partner and I are keen runners and are in the middle of training for the Manchester Marathon. I am aiming to achieve a good for age time, and I also weight lift and cycle a lot, in particular indoors with Zwift and my Tacx bike. With an intense training schedule and being in our 40s, it is common for one or both of us to have aches and pains.

Both of us struggle to make time for foam rolling, so a massage gun is an appealing alternative.

We have used the Erickhill mini massage gun for the past few weeks and found it to be quite effective.

I am somewhat sceptical about how effective they are for improving recovery, but it does feel quite nice to massage leg muscles when I am suffering from DOMs.

Both of us suffer from flexibility in hamstrings and calves, so we have been trying to use the gun to warm up and loosen muscle pre-workout, and subjectively, it does seem to help a bit.

While it is limited to three-speed settings, we found this was adequate for our needs. I quite like the Y-shaped head as it seems to give a good spread without being too intense in any specific region. My partner prefers the ball head. I wasn’t as keen on the bullet head as I found it a bit too intense with the small surface area of the head, but it could be good on lower settings if you need a focused message on muscle that runs along a bone like you shin.

Overall, it is hard to say if this has any benefits objectively, but my partner is a big fan of all forms of massage, and this is an affordable massage gun that seems to do the job just as well as more expensive models.

Price and Alternative Options

The Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun has an RRP of £80, but at the time of writing (29/01/24) it was listed on Amazon UK for £60 and had a £15 off voucher available.

It has only been on Amazon UK for 40 days and was previously listed at £80 between the 4th of January and the 29th.

It is available on Amazon US for $80 with a $20 off voucher and an additional coupon code. I was able to add it to my cart for $52.02 before sales tax.

Alternative options include:

  • Arboleaf Mini Massage Gun for £51.30 (£8 discount available)
  • DDVWU  Muscle Massage Gun for £59.49 (£20 discount available)
  • TOLOCO Massage Gun for £39.99 (5% discount available)
  • Plus many more around the £50 price point


The Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun is a good mini massage good that is priced appropriately compared to the large number of competing options.

Both myself and my partner found it to be effective at temporarily relieving tension, warming up muscles and dealing with all our minor niggles from our demanding training schedule.

The smaller size seemed to be a bit more manageable for my partner and is certainly more portable than some of the message guns I have used.

While this is not unique to mini massage guns, the main selling point for me is the USB-C charging. I have so many electronics I inevitably loose all the random DC chargers that come with older devices. But I have dozens of USB-C chargers.

There is nothing specific to criticise about this message gun, the only issue is that it is a saturated market with plenty of other options at a similar price point.

Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun Review


The Erickhill EMG01 Mini Massage Gun is a good mini massage good that is priced appropriately compared to the large number of competing options.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Good performance
  • Small size makes it easier to handle and travel with
  • USB-C Charging


  • Only 3-speed settings
  • Fewer heads that larger guns

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