GameSir VX AimBox Review

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I have covered a wide range of the GameSir peripherals now, highlights include the GameSir G4 Pro, the X2 Type-C gaming controller and the GameSir VX2 AimSwitch.

Today I have the VX AimBox, which is an alternative solution to the AimSwitch. With a price of just $49.99 it is a much more affordable solution. However, with this device, you need to provide your own mouse and keyboard as the AimBox is just a hub for your peripherals.

The  VX AimBox then provides keyboard and mouse compatibility for a range of consoles, including:

  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 5
  • Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Switch

Must use an official controller for mapping

One word of warning, though this shouldn’t be an issue. You need to use the official controllers for both Xbox and Playstation when pairing everything up.

PS4 Set up

I haven’t bought a Sony PS5 yet (spent all my money on the RTX3080), so my testing was done with the PS4 and Switch.

There is a little more to do than just plugging it into your console and plug in your accessories. The is a USB-C port on the rear, but this is only used if the console doesn’t provide enough power to drive your keyboard.

For the PS4, you will need to make some changes to the settings by going to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Communication Method and select “Use USB cable”.

You then need to connect the DualShock 4 controller to the controller USB port and the keyboard/mouse to their relevant ports.

When you connect the AimBox to the PS4, you should end up getting three blue flashes confirming it has connected.

Because the PS4 doesn’t have native keyboard/mouse support, the AimBox is more than just a generic USB hub. What it does is map the DualShock 4 controls to the keyboard and mouse. By default, you have:

  • WASD is mapped to the analogue stick and can’t be modified by the app.
  • ESC: PlayStation button
  • F1: Up
  • ~: Share button
  • 1: Left
  • 2: Down
  • 3: Right
  • Tab: Options button
  • Q: L1
  • E: R1
  • R: Square
  • Caps Lock: Touchpad
  • F: Triangle
  • Shift: L3
  • C: Circle
  • Spacebar: Cross / X
  • Arrow keys: Left analogue stick
  • Mouse movement: Right analogue stick
  • Left mouse click: R2
  • Right mouse click: L2
  • Mouse wheel click: R3

Nintendo Switch

This is the same concept; you need to enable the Pro Controller Wired Connection via Settings > Controller and Sensors.


Those default mappings took a little getting used to, and if you don’t like them, it is an easy fix. The GameSir World app can change many of the settings, including the keymapping. This is also used for firmware upgrades

Price and Alternative Options

The GameSir VX AimBox is available for pre-order for $49.99 direct from Gamesir, or you can buy it now direct from Amazon for £49.99

The GameSir VX2 AimSwitch is a better product in general, being a dedicated mechanical keyboard for your consoles with wireless connectivity, making it much for convenient if you game on a TV from a couch. However, it is pushing three times the price.


The GameSir VX AimBox is an excellent way to enable keyboard/mouse functionality on the console. If you game on a desk in front of a monitor and perhaps already have a PC as well, then I’d say this makes more sense than the AimSwitch.

The AimSwitch is cheaper, and depending on how you have your keyboard/mouse plugged in it could well be easier switching over whats plugged in vs having to constantly swap over an entire keyboard and mouse from where you sit.

I am a little more old fashioned with my console, my PS4 is in the living room, and I game from the couch or a beanbag. So I like the AimSwitch is wireless then the keyboard has a smaller footprint, so easier to use on a laptop tray. Gamsir does state the AimBox is compatible with wireless keyboards and mice, but I did not test this.

GameSir VX AimBox Review Rating


The GameSir VX AimBox is an affordable and effective way of adding keyboard and mouse support to your console with the benefit of being able to map keys how you like using the app. 

  • Overall - 80%

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