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This is my initial review of the FlexSolar solar panel. My testing has been somewhat limited due to it being December, and I live in the north of the UK. I plan to test this a bit more thoroughly on some sunnier days and will test it again in Spring or Summer.

FlexSolar Foldable 100W Solar Panel Features

This is similar to most of the 100W panels you find listed on Amazon. The design is very similar to the Jackery SolarSaga, however, they have not been as blatant as other brands that use the Jackery orange on the handles (but there is some orange branding).

Perhaps the main thing that differentiates this from other generic 100W panels is the connectivity options.

This has 10-interchangeable tips, making it compatible with Jackery or other solar panels with a DC input. Like some other generic panels, it lacks the MC4 / XT60 connection which you see on many big brands such as EcoFlow. So you won’t be able to wire up lots of panels in serial or parallel.

As well as the DC output, you have USB-A and USB-C, so you can directly charge phones, laptops and power banks. However, this is limited to 60W power delivery, so you won’t get the optimal output using this method.

Additionally, you get some alligator clips which you can then use to charge the leisure of car batteries.

Amazon Reviews

I am not entirely sure why FlexSolar has listed this panel on Amazon the way they have. It seems like they have done the usual trick of adding it to an existing product that has reviews.

It is a common smoke-and-mirrors trick of many brands, including a lot of big brands.

However, in this case, they have listed it alongside a 6W solar panel. Yes, 6 watts. The majority of the reviews are for that panel, which is obviously why they have done it.

However, I find it odd because the 6W panel gets middling reviews, giving this a 3.9 out of 5 in total, with 13% of the reviews a 1 star.

They are listed first on Amazon UK, but that’s because it is a sponsored listing. If you look at Amazon.com, they only have 15 reviews, but this gets 4.5 out of 5 with no bad reviews.

FlexSolar Foldable 100W vs Mobisolar 100W vs Oystade vs Jackery 100W Portable Solar Panels

This panel is very similar to the Mobisolar 100W, it has the detachable DC cable, and unlike the Oystade, I had no issues connecting this to either my Jackery or EcoFlow power stations.

The Mobisolar had a 5521 to MC4 adaptor, but this lacks one. The Mobisolar claims 22-23% efficiency, whereas this claims 24% (I’ll need to test this when the weather is better).

Jackery claims a 23% efficiency, so I am a little sceptical of the 24% claim with this panel. I found that Jackery easily outperformed Mobisolar even though the claims are similar. So, I am a little sceptical of the 24% efficiency claim of the FlexSolar. I expect it will perform identically to the Mobisolar in optimal sunny conditions.

Both this FlexSolar and the Mobisolar can do 60W power delivery, whereas the Oystade was limited to 45W.

Unboxing & Accessories

FlexSolar Foldable 100W Solar Panel Review3

There is not much to unbox or photo, but as you can see, this includes most things you may want.

There is no carry case, but there is also no need for one as the handles are built into the panel.

FlexSolar Foldable 100W Solar Panel Review1

All the accessories are kept in a convenient zipped pocket, and here you will find the output ports, including DC, USB and USB-C.

The DC cable is not permanently attached, and it is a good length. I have criticised some options for the short cable length, but looking on Amazon, you can get a cheap 3M extension for as little as £16.

Just like all the other options, it has a pop-out kickstand, which is much more convenient to use than the case-stand that EcoFlow has on their solar panels.

FlexSolar Foldable 100W Solar Panel Review4


FlexSolar Foldable 100W

Being in the middle of winter, I wasn’t able to achieve much with this solar panel. Even the sunny days have had a lot of cloud cover, and in the afternoon, the sun sits quite low and doesn’t really hit my garden properly. If I had it in a more exposed position on a field or something, I’d do better.

I only saw about 10W or so when using this, I tested it against the Mobisolar 100W and achieved the same. I will probably use this quite regularly on my mothers’ canal boat when the weather is better, as it is a convenient size, and I will update with better results then.

Price and Alternative Options

The FlexSolar 100W portable solar panel is priced at £235 RRP, but Amazon has a voucher available for £60, taking it down to £175.

The Oystade is £180 when you apply the £10 voucher that is available.

The Mobisolar 100W panel is £170.

The Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel is listed for £274 but has 22% off, which takes it down to £235.


Based on my limited testing, the FlexSolar foldable 100W solar panel is an excellent option if you want to go down the third-party solar panel route.

It is priced competitively against the brands I have used, and it’s considerably cheaper than the big-name solutions out there.

Build quality is good, and you have better connectivity options than other third-party brands or even the Jackery SolarSaga.

I have obviously not managed to test its peak performance properly, but from my experience, all these third-party options have a similar performance. It’s not normally as good as Jackery, but you get better value for your money.

FlexSolar Foldable 100W Solar Panel Review Rating


The FlexSolar foldable 100W solar panel is an excellent option if you want to go down the third-party solar panel route. It is priced competitively against the brands I have used, and it’s considerably cheaper than the big-name solutions out there.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Priced competitively
  • Excellent connectivity options


  • Lacks a 5521 to MC4 adaptor

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