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The EPOS H3 is the latest affordable wired gaming headset from EPOS, and the second product they have launched now they are independent from Sennheiser.

The H3 is an evolution of the popular GSP 300, offering a new, more attractive and functional design with improved audio and mic.

EPOS H3 Specification

EPOS H3 press release
  • Design: Around ear, Dynamic, closed
  • Cables: Swappable 2M, one with 2×3.5mm and the other a single 3.5mm (PC & Console/Smartphone cable)
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac OSX, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch and consoles with 3.5 mm jack input
  • Headphones:
    • Frequency response 10-30.000 Hz
    • Impedance 20 Ω
    • Sound pressure level 124 dB SPL @ 1 kHz, 1V RMS
  • Microphone:
    • Frequency response 10-18.000 Hz
    • Pick-up pattern Bidirectional
    • Sensitivity -47 dBV/PA

In Use

EPOS H3 Wired Gaming Headset Review2

I have used these extensively while reviewing the EPOS Sennheiser GSX 1200 PRO swapping them intermittently with the EPOS GSP 602, which cost almost twice the price.

Similar to the GSP 602 wired headphones, this uses a detachable cable offering 3.5 mm 4-pole headset jacks (e.g. consoles, phones) or 2 x 3.5 mm 3-pole jacks for separate mic input and audio output. Wired headphones may seem a bit old fashioned, but it means a lower price, no batteries to worry about and no latency.

IMG 20210419 075747

The detachable cable is an upgrade from the previous GSP 300, which required an adaptor to switch from the dual jack PC design to a single 4-pole jack of consoles.

The first thing I noticed is how light and comfortable they are, something that makes quite a big difference if you plan on gaming for long sessions. My ears get hot and sore after wearing headphones for too long, and I found that these are much more forgiving than other options.

The sound quality is good too. These are closed-back headphones, just like the GSP 602, so there is superb noise isolation with little to no sound leakage.

The closed-back then also helps accentuates bass frequencies slightly, providing deep lows without overpowering the other frequencies.

IMG 20210419 075653

EPOS claim these are specifically tuned for gamers; even though the bass has slight emphasis, mid-range is accurate and high frequencies are lifted, giving a slightly U shaped sound profile. The boost in the highs helps provide improved positional audio perception when used with virtual surround, either from the latest consoles such as the  3D Tempest Engine for the PS5 or virtual surround headphones amplifiers such as the EPOS Sennheiser GSX 1200 PRO.

I can’t say I noticed an improvement in my gaming using virtual surround sound with the EPOS H3, but I did enjoy the effect and it made gaming much more immersive.

Musically, these sound like you would expect from a decent pair of affordable headphones with a U shaped sound pattern. They sound good for many modern music genres, and the sound will likely appeal to the masses. I enjoyed using them, I listen to a lot of electronica, hip hop, rock and metal, and they worked well for all these genres. People that insist that a neutral sound is best will turn their noses up at these.

While I have not used the GSP 300, these offer a wider frequency response while retaining a low impedance, so they are easy enough to drive.

Swapping between the two headphones, as you would expect, the GSP 602 does offer vastly superior sound, but I only really notice this when physically swapping them over. At no point have I worn the EPOS H3 and thought that they don’t sound very good, and I should use the GSP 602 instead.

IMG 20210329 154148

Microphone performance is good, I don’t do much online gaming or in-game chat, so it is not something I often pay much attention to. However, this is something EPOS put a little more effort into than others by using high-quality analogue mics. They upgraded the mic used on the GSP 300, going from a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern to a bidirectional figure of eight polar pattern. They claim this then gives a studio-quality performance. When not in use, you can lift the mic up almost flush with the headband and this will auto-mute the mic.

 I have used these often on zoom calls, and I have been happy with their performance and have had no complaints from anyone on my calls.

Price and Alternative Options

The EPOS H3 headset is set to launch for £109.99, making it £20 more than the existing EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300.

For not much more money there is the EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 which offered low latency wireless connectivity and incredible battery life.

Or the EPOS Sennheiser GAME ZERO for around £135.

Many of the options from competing brands tend to be either wireless or USB. These will be appealing for some. But, if you already have a good DAC/Amplifier or game on a console, you don’t want USB connectivity and wireless connectivity can introduce latency.


The EPOS H3 headset is excellent. For me, they are particularily comfortable to wear, and I often found myself opting for these over the technically superior GSP 602.

The sound quality was impressive, with the sound profile working very well with gaming, virtual surround works just as well on these as the more expensive GSP 602. The wired connection and swappable cable makes these ideal for using with the latest generation consoles via the 3.5mm headphone jack and will allow you to enjoy sound formats introduced on these, such as Sony’s fancy new 3D audio. Sony doesn’t support Bluetooth headsets, and the only other way to access the 3D audio is via the USB, so a wired option is your best bet, as old fashioned as it may seem.

While this costs a bit more than the popular GSP 300, by all accounts, EPOS have upgraded everything enough to justify this cost.

EPOS H3 Wired Gaming Headset Review

James Smythe



The EPOS H3 is an excellent affordable wired gaming headset ideal for the latest consoles with 3D audio or for PC gaming


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