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Most of the monitors I cover are either budget orientated such as the 27-inch AOC or gaming focused like the Acer Z35, or a bit of both like the Acer Nitro RG2170.

However professional users require something a little different if you are doing design or photography of any sort you need a monitor that accurately represents the colours in an image. I have previously reviewed the superb Dell UP2718Q and the DataColor Spyder5 colorimeter monitor calibration tool.

Eizo may not be a household name, but their name is synonymous with high-end monitors designed for professional designers and the medical industry.

The EIZO ColorEdge CS2730 is classed as an entry level professional monitor and features:

  • The CS2730 features a sleek, user-friendly design and many of the advanced features of EIZO’s ColorEdge range. It also enables users to seamlessly edit digital photography, illustrate and much more.
  • Size: 24.1” (61 cm).
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio.
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (16:10 aspect ratio).
  • Pixel Density: 94 ppi.
  • Colour: DisplayPort: 1.07 billion (a palette of 278 trillion). DVI: 16.77 million (a palette of 278 trillion).
  • Gamut: 99% Adobe RGB
  • Calibration using external sensor
  • Vesa compatible
  • Optional hood
  • Warranty: Five Year On-site.

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All the ColorEdge range come with ColorNavigator calibration software to ensure images are as colourful and vivid as they are in real life.

It is worth noting that unlike the more expensive ColorEdge CG range such as the CG279X this does not feature a built-in colorimeter calibration sensor. The software that is included will help calibrate the monitor but you will need a compatible colorimeter to use it.

EIZO ColorEdge CS2730 Review 3

Design and features

In terms of connectivity, Eizo offers a single HDMI, dual-link DVI and DisplayPort connector. Also included is a USB 3.0 hub with two host-connectors – but also two upstream-connectors, so that two systems can be connected and operated at the same time.

Unlike many consumer options, the EIZO adopts a more traditional appearance with thick black bezels and a chunky design, clearly option for function over form.

The IP panel has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels giving you a pixel density of 93.8 PPI. It uses an anti-reflective coating which helps eliminate the need for a hood somewhat.

Professional monitors always have the best stands, and this one has the usual superb level of adjustments. You can adjust the height, go from flush against the desk to quite high up, it will tilt up and down, swivel and you can rotate it into portrait mode. Alternatively, you can remove the built-in stand and use a monitor arm with the Vesa mount.

To the bottom right is the OSD buttons, they are not clicky but they are easy to use and navigate. I generally loathe OSD on monitors as they can be incredibly unintuitive but it works here.


As you would expect for a professional monitor at this price point, everything performs superbly based on my subjective opinion.

Sadly it would appear I have lost my DataColor Spyder5 during an office move so was hard to test true accuracy, but placing this monitor against cheaper consumer models there is a clear difference in colour accuracy and overall performance.

Common issues such as backlight bleed and haloing were certainly not present during my use, and colour uniformity across the panel appeared to be accurate.

Out of the box, performance was stunning for me, and it will only get better with proper hardware calibration. Using the factory-calibrated Adobe RGB mode saw the Eizo produced close to perfect results when comparing it against a colour chart, which was all I had to hand for this review. This mostly subjective option is backed up by a more objective approach on Color Management Guide, where after some calibration they achieved new perfect values.

cs2730 front sml


With a price of £931.42 it certainly isn’t a cheap monitor, but this is the price you have to pay for colour accurate monitors and it is competitively priced against other brands such as BenQ and Dell.

The lack of a built-in calibration sensor may be annoying for some but it shaves off £400 compared to the CG2730 model. The Datacolor Spyder5PRO only costs £113.67 on Amazon or alternatively, the  X-Rite i1Display Pro costs £178.00

If you are a budding design or photographer then this could be a perfect monitor for you, offering professional-class performance at a reasonable price. This would also be a great choice for small businesses that can’t quite justify the cost of the CG models.

It is also worth noting that the 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution model is only £5 more on Amazon at £939.60

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EIZO CS2730 27-Inch LCD Review
  • Overall - 80%

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