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My previous AOC and Philips reviews have all been for quite expensive monitors and as much as I would like to own an AGON AG271QG I personally can’t quite justify the expense. I am sure this is also the case for many others.

For me, I want a 27in 2560 x 1440 monitor as one of my side screens so I don’t even need a gaming orientated monitor. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to review the AOC Q2778VQE before committing to buy it. Priced at £204 on Amazon this is an amazing priced screen, but does the low price mean low quality?

Similar to most screens the Q2778VQE comes in 2 parts out of the box, the monitor and the stand. Though this isn’t entirely accurate, half the stand is actually already attached, it is just the base that needs attaching. It has VESA mounting holes too so I opted to use those with my monitor arm. You can remove the part of the stand that is pre-attached.

If you do choose to use the stand, there is no rotation or height adjustment, but you do get tilt adjustment. The lack of adjustment will be disappointing for some but expected at this price point.

The monitor itself is all plastic and doesn’t have the premium feel of the AGON I previously reviewed. The bezels are thicker but not excessively so.

There are plenty of connections including the HDMI and Display port. Also, legacy DVI and D-Sub.

There is also 3.5mm audio which I find handy as I have a media player fitter to the HDMI port and I then output the audio to some PC speakers.

As you would expect for a monitor this price it uses a TN panel and the refresh rate is a standard 60Hz but the response time is a decent 1ms, so it should be more than adequate for most gamers.

Controls for the monitor are located on the bottom right of the screen. They are push button and not touch sensitive thankfully. Browsing the OSD is about as easy/difficult as most other monitors, but switching between inputs is quite simple.

Out of the box, the screen performance was good, as usual, I had to lower the brightness a bit, but overall the colours look good to me. As you would expect it is not quite as nice as the more expensive IPS screens I have reviewed but I think most people will be more than happy with the performance.

During gaming, I didn’t have too many issues with ghosting or motion blur and I found the input lag to be acceptable.

Overall, in terms of performance, there is nothing particular stand out about this screen, but that is to be expected. The main selling point is the price, which fantastic. Looking on Amazon there is nothing listed even close to this pricing, you are looking at £70+ more from any competing brand. In fact, at this price point, the only other option would be a Korean import from eBay like the popular Qnix brand. But even then, once you pay all the import fees, these will work out more expensive and you effectively have no warranty on these screens.

You can buy the AOC Q2778VQE  on Amazon for £204.97

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