AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen

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The new AMD Ryzen chips have been announced, and while still very exciting, they are not quite as impressive as leaks would suggest. The new $499 AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is the same specification as we reported then Ryzen 7 3700X to have

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Ryzen 300 series CPUs from AMD based on their Zen 2 architecture. There have been lots of leaks and rumours with the current release date expected to be July.

Back in January, specific details of the new chips were leaked indicating a significant boost in the core counts across the range. This included a new Ryzen 9 3800X model with 16 cores and 32 threads with a base boost of 3.9/4.7GHz.

More recently a Singaporean retailer has leaked details of all the models and their prices, these match up with the original leaks and help build some confidence in the accuracy of the information. However this all should be taken with a pinch of salt as AMD have been quite tight lipped about the details.

In total there will be 10 CPUs released with prices listed in Singaporean Dollars so I have done some basic conversion and the prices range from £74/$111 going up to £424/$561. My currency conversion doesn’t take into account things like tax or other added costs that us Brits often incur, so the final price (if accurate in the first place) will be higher, assume 20% extra for VAT.

AMD Ryzen 3000 Zen 2 CPU Price Specs Leak

The Ryzen 9 options are clearly the most eye catching, this would represent a new line of chips and a massive increase in core count. Based on previously leaked specifications, both chips would feature 16 cores and 32 threads. Both CPUs will have different clock speeds with the flagship 3850X clocking in at 4.3 GHz base and 5.1 GHz boost with a TDP of 135W while the 3800X will clock in at 3.9 GHz base and 4.7 GHz boost with a TDP of 125W. The Ryzen 9 3850X is listed for around £424 while the Ryzen 9 3800X is listed for around £381.

However, the replacement Ryzen 7 models could be the best all-round options with a core count bump up to 12 cores with 24 threads which is 4 more cores and 8 more threads compared to the Ryzen 7 2700X. The CPU will clock in at 4.2 GHz base and 5 GHz boost clocks, matching the highest speed of Intel’s fastest 8 core chip in a 105W TDP package. The Ryzen 7 3700X is expected to cost £279.

Previous leaks suggest the current budget champion Ryzen 5 2600 will be getting upgraded from 6 cores to 8 cores 16 thread chip running at 3.6/4.4GHz with a TDP of 65W and this will cost just £151. The current chip has an RRP of £174.99 so once that £151 has had tax etc added on this appears to be reasonably accurate.

There’s also the Ryzen 3 series which will be competing in the Intel Core i3 territory with prices of less than $150 US. The Ryzen 3 3300X and Ryzen 3 3300 would both feature 6 cores and 12 threads along with higher clock speeds. The Ryzen 3 3300X would operate at 3.5 GHz base and 4.3 GHz boost while the Ryzen 3 3300 would operate at 3.2 GHz base and 4.0 GHz boost. The Ryzen 3 3300 would feature a TDP of 50W while the higher-end X SKU would have a TDP of 65W. The 3300X is listed for £110 while the Ryzen 3 3300 is listed for around £84.

CPUCores / ThreadsGPUBase / Boost ClockTDPUS PriceUK Price
Ryzen 3 3300 6 / 12-3.2 / 4.0GHz50W$11184
Ryzen 3 3300X 6 / 12-3.5 / 4.3GHz65W$145110
Ryzen 3 3300G 6 / 12Navi (15 CU)3.0 / 3.8GHz65W$145110
Ryzen 5 3600 8 / 16-3.6 / 4.4GHz65W$200151
Ryzen 5 3600X 8 / 16-4.0 / 4.8GHz95W$258195
Ryzen 5 3600G 8 / 16Navi (20 CU)3.2 / 4.0GHz95W$224170
Ryzen 7 3700 12 / 24-3.8 / 4.6GHz95W$336254
Ryzen 7 3700X 12 / 24-4.2 / 5.0GHz105W$370279
Ryzen 9 3800X16 / 32-3.9 / 4.7GHz125W$505381
Ryzen 9 3850X16 / 32-4.3 / 5.1GHz135W$561424

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