Flexispot BS11 Pro Chair Mesh Chair with FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk Mighty Gadget

I have reviewed quite a few chairs now. Many of them have been gaming chairs but a growing number of mesh chairs.

Gaming chairs typically have that racing car seat design and use memory foam padding, and more often than not, they use PU leather for the cover. They look nice if you are into that aesthetic, and they are initially comfortable to sit on. However, the foam design retains heat and can make them quite sweaty.

Mesh chairs were originally developed by Herman Miller, and I have personally been using the Mira for about 15 years. They take a completely different approach, the seat and back are made of a mesh material with an open design, allowing air to circulate through the chair.

Some chairs have a padded seat and mesh back, or in the case of my Mira, it is a fabric mesh seat with a plastic mesh back.

While mesh chairs are geared towards office use, If there is one hill I am willing to die on, it is that I think mesh chairs are by far the superior solution for all types of users.

I reviewed the FlexiSpot BS9 Flexi-Chair a couple of years ago and thought it was an excellent and attractive chair.

The new Flexispot BS11 Pro sits a couple of notches above the BS9 and has mesh for both the seat and back as well as significantly more customisation options.

Features / Specification

  • Height Adjustment: 1180mm-1260mm
  • Seat Shell size: 520mm
  • Floor to Seat Shell Height: 470-540mm
  • Backrest Width: 440cmm
  • Armrest to Floor Height: 650-780mm
  • Armrest to Seat Shell Height: 180-240mm
  • Headrest Adjust Range: 5cm
  • Headrest Adjust Angle: 12.5°
  • Gas Lift: 56cm
  • Tilt: 30°
  • Load: 350kg
  • Number of Caster: 5
  • Back and seat material: Mesh Cloth/ High elasticity filament
  • Backrest: PU soft plastic material
  • Chassis: Italy DONATI chassis
  • Colour: Grey, Black, Light Blue
  • Package Size: 20kg
  • Package Dimensions: 80.0cm × 40.0cm × 64.0cm
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Trial Period: 60 days


Flexispot BS11 Pro Chair Mesh Chair Review unboxed parts

Like all the chairs and sit-stand-desks I have reviewed, when you open the box and unpack everything, it looks like a reasonably intermediating job to do but ends up quite simple.

For chairs, there seems to be a standard assembly process:

  • Attach the arms to the seat
  • Attach the adjustable base to the seat
  • Attach the backrest
  • Insert the casters and hydraulic lift into the base
  • Attach the chair to the hydraulic lift
  • And for this chair, I also had to attach the headrest

The only tool you need is a hex tool, and this is included with the packaging.

I’d estimate that the build took less than 30 mines.

I did have a couple of issues with the build. I seemed to have one incorrect screw, which meant that one of the arms is only held in place with two screws, not three. It is possible this is a user error on my part.

Then, the hydraulic lift didn’t seem to work at first. I had to press the lift button and then physically drag the seat up. It would go back down fine. It seemed to be sticking on something or not lubricated properly. After repeating this process a couple of times, it loosened up and worked OK.

Comfort and Customisability

For a start, I much prefer this Flexispot BS11 Pro to the BS9. While I liked the bright design of the BS9, I prefer this modern design and neutral colours.  

I also prefer it having a mesh seat and back, I think it improves the aesthetic, but it also improves comfort for long days sat down as the seat gets less warm.

There is a wide range of adjustments that far outclass the BS9. These include:

  • The normal height adjustment
  • Seat recline, tension and recline lock
  • Seat base – you can push it forward or back, making it more comfortable based on your size
  • Armrests with 3D adjustments, including forward, back, angled and up/down

Both chairs have an ergonomic back, which will be better for your back health than many gaming chairs.

The combination of seat height, arm height and adjustable seat position makes this suitable for a wider range of heights. I am 6ft 2”, and it is perfectly sized for me, I have also asked my partner to try it, and she is 5ft 5” and found it to be comfortable as well.

Price and Alternative Options

The Flexispot BS11 Pro Chair isn’t cheap, with an RRP of £429.99. At the time of writing, and throughout May 2023, they have a £70 off code, taking it down to £359.99.

The BS9 has an RRP of £299.99. Based on the RRP, I’d strongly recommend spending the extra on the BS11 Pro. However, the BS9 has £120 off, taking it down to a quite affordable £180, which I think makes it a great buy.

I reviewed the Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic Mesh Office, which is superb and is designed for superior lumbar support, it also has more adjustments than any chair I have reviewed before, and it includes a leg rest. It can also be folded in half, making it convenient for under-desk storage, which is handy if you have a sit-stand desk. As you might expect, this has a premium price of £559, but it looks like you can get £100 extra off at checkout.

The above recommendations all look incredibly affordable compared to Herman Miller. With the current 15% discount they have, the Mira 2 Triflex is about £800, the Aeron is from £935, and the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody gaming chair is £1128 (the Emody isn’t technically mesh).


The Flexispot BS11 Pro had a couple of easily fixable issues that I wouldn’t expect to have on a chair at this price.

However, they were not that bad, and I hope it was just a case of bad luck.

Beyond that, I think this is a superb chair, and I think it is significantly better than the BS9 I have reviewed before.

While it is not cheap, it fits nicely between BS9 and the Hinomi H1 Pro for both features and price.

I am not ready to give up my Herman Miller just yet, but I’d happily use this for my main chair.   

Flexispot BS11 Pro Chair Mesh Chair Review Rating
  • Overall - 85%


The Flexispot BS11 Pro is a superb chair. I think it is significantly better than the BS9 I have reviewed before thanks to the wider range of adjustment and mesh for both the seat and back.


  • Attractive design
  • Mesh for both the seat and back rest
  • Wide range of adjustments


  • Hydraulics were sticking at first

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