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The new iPhone 6.1 inch LCD screen model and how it’s likely to fit into the new iPhone range and its importance to buyers of ‘lower’ priced Apple handsets.

Big screen smartphone to be one of three new Apple models for 2018

Speculation regarding the next Apple iPhone’s features and spec usually starts not long after the present model goes on sale such is the rate of change in mobile tech. The next iPhone is likely to herald a key change of design and bigger screens to take on Android rivals.

The body of evidence

It looks highly likely that the body design of the current flagship iPhone X will be carried through to all the new model iPhones to replace the design of the iPhone 8 that has existed since the launch of the iPhone 6 in 2014.

This means all versions of the next iPhone will feature the very slim bezel design incorporated in the X to make for a screen that covers most of the front panel, so squeezing more display ‘real estate’ into the size of phone. Three new iPhones are rumoured to appear:

Two with the newer OLED screen tech in sizes of 5.8 and 6.5 inch – likely the direct replacements for the current iPhone X.

One with a 6.1-inch screen but based on LCD tech so likely a ‘cheaper’ phone than either of the two above – effectively the replacement for the iPhone 8.

iphone xc remours

6.1 inch screen iPhone

If the rumours of the likely feature set of the forthcoming 6.1 inch iPhone are true, it effectively offers a lower spec than the other new iPhones. For example, along with the lower level LCD screen tech compared to the OLED of the other models, the 6.1-inch model is expected to incorporate a more basic camera than the likely three-lens configuration of the 6.5 OLED model.

The two OLED screen models will probably be sold at a higher price premium as replacements for the current £1,000 iPhone X; as the 6.1 is a replacement for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus versions it’ll likely follow their pricing structure.

If this is the case then pricing in the £600 to £750 bracket may happen.

One way of getting hold of a large screen iPhone without facing the sort of costs above is to look at models such as a refurbished iPhone 6 Plus; the build quality and backward compatibility of previous model iPhones make them a good bet as a used proposition.

Name For The New iPhone?

All sorts of ideas have been suggested; as the 6.1 inch model is likely to be a replacement for the current 8 and 8 Plus, then maybe 9 would be used. There again 10 (using Roman numeral ‘X’) has already been used on the iPhone X so using a lower number for a new variant, albeit not a replacement for that particular model, might be considered confusing.

The 6.1 LCD model could jump straight to ‘iPhone 11’ with the two more expensive OLED phones using some variation of X such as ‘X1’ or ‘X2’. Other rumours suggest that the LCD model will be called the iPhone XR or XC whereas the OLED based models will be the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

6.1 inch phone could prove to be a key release

If the spec and rough pricing turns out to be as per the rumours, then the 6.1 inch LCD phone could prove to be the most significant release of the new iPhone trio; as the main replacement for the lower price 8 and 8 Plus it could stimulate a large upgrade take up.

As mentioned above, the basic iPhone body design hasn’t changed for four years, so a new body could act as a driver to convince more users to upgrade or maybe switch from Android to Apple.


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