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Along with all the TWS earbuds and numerous speakers, Edifier also makes gaming headphones.

The Edifier G2 II sits on the affordable end of the spectrum, currently priced at just £59.99. This is also a USB headset, so it has a DAC built-in that offers 7.1 virtual surround. With these using USB, they are compatible with PC/Mac and the PlayStation, but not the XBOX. The PS5 will also utilise the 3D Tempest Engine, which is compatible with USB and bypasses the built-in 7.1 audio.


  • 7.1 surround sound: 360° surround sound effect and complete immersion in the gaming world
  • RGB light effects: gradually varied colours supported by RGB dynamic backlight technology
  • 50mm driver unit: 50mm NdFeB unit for clear sound and powerful low-frequency performance
  • High-performance microphone: detachable and flexible 6mm electret condenser microphone, omnidirectional reception
  • Comfortable wearing: lightweight designed headband and soft leatherette earmuffs for a snug fit
  • USB connectivity with 2M cable. Compatible with PC/Mac and PS5. Xbox not supported and no 7.1 on Mac.


To make the most of these on the PC, you will need to install the Edifier Gaming Center software and drivers. The software itself doesn’t really do much offering the most basic of controls, but this should enable the 7.1 sound. The software is Windows only, so Mac users will only be able to get stereo sound.


These sound good; they are not quite as punchy with the bass as gaming headphones I have reviewed from EPOS. Some would argue that a more neutral sound is preferential for gaming, allowing you to hear the higher-pitched environmental noises more clearly.

Mids and treble perform well; there is no harshness in the higher frequencies. Vocals, either in music, games or movies, were nice and clear, working well with female and lower-pitched male voices.

On the PC, the virtual 7.1 audio is OK, I wouldn’t say it provides a true 7.1 experience but it does widen the soundstage and make gaming or movies feel more immersive.

I have only just reviewed the £220 EPOS Sennheiser GSX 1200 PRO, so my expectations of 7.1 performance has been skewed a little.

Performance seems to be much better on the PS5, this is likely because the Edifier 7.1 sound processing is not used, but the Sony 3D Tempest Engine.

The mic is good, I am not a massive online gamer or streamer, but I do use Zoom a lot, and I have had no complaints at all.

Price and Alternative Options

The Edifier G2 II are currently £59.99 on Amazon, making them very affordable for a 7.1 headset.

The Corsair VOID ELITE RGB USB Gaming Headset is well-reviewed, and just £68.49 offer a similar specification with USB connectivity, virtual surround and RGB. They say it is only compatible with the PC, but I can’t see why the PS5 wouldn’t work.

Most other USB 7.1 headphones at this price point are from random brands, so this seems to be the most affordable reputable brand.

If you only game on the console, you may be better off with a 3.5mm wired headset such as the EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 or Razer Kraken, which can then plug directly into the controller and utilise the 3D audio from there and also offer compatibility with the Xbox.


For the price, these are excellent headphones offering an affordable way to experience virtual 7.1 on the PC.  

Virtual 7.1 itself tends to be a mixed bag, and to get the best performance, you will likely need to invest in a decent quality sound card, but these are quite expensive. So, this is probably your best bet for under £100 all in, for headphones and 7.1 processing.

These work well with the PS5, which I found myself using them most on when I needed to keep the noise down. You will, of course, have to be quite close to the console to plug the cable in, but apart from that, they work great.

Edifier G2 II 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset Review Rating


The Edifier G2 II provide good overall performance punching above their weight when factoring in the price.

  • Overall - 75%


  • An affordable way to get 7.1 on the PC
  • Works well with the PS5 too
  • Good overall performance


  • Virtual 7.1 on PC is so-so vs more expensive alternatives

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