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I have written quite a lot of fans over the past few years. I am quite obsessive about them, depending on your needs, you can’t just buy any old pedestal fan; they are often too noisy for sleeping or even quiet office environments.

Being a gadget blog, I love the idea of smart fans, but my experience with them so far hasn’t been as amazing as I’d like. The GeoSmartPro AirGo was a decent fan, but I paid £110 for it, which was expensive in my opinion, and it was advertised as being Quiet Mark accredited, yet I didn’t find it particularly quiet.

The Dreo CF714S Air Circulator Fan is currently only on sale in the US, but you can import it to the UK for $42.18 from Amazon. It has an RRP of $99.99 (£78)

This is a floor or desktop fan rather than a pedestal. They have the Dreo PolyFan 513S, which has almost the same specification, but 8 fan speeds vs 9.


  • 110ft Maximum airflow
  • Fan Speed: 110ft
  • Air Volume: 970CFM
  • Digital panel and remote control
  • Power Input: 120V ~ 60Hz
  • Power Source: Brushless DC Motor
  • Noise Level: 25-51 dB
  • Fan Diameter: 11″ Head, 9″ Blade
  • Max Distance: 110ft
  • Speed Settings: 9
  • Controls: Voice/App/Remote/Touchpad
  • Oscillation: 120° horizontal, 90° vertical
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Weight: 7.27lb / 3.3kg
  • Dimensions: 11.42″D x 13.7″W x 16.22″H / 290 x 348 x 250 mm



Most of my fan reviews have been for pedestal fans. I mainly like these as it allows me to get the airflow in the best position for my needs. In particular, when using a fan in the bedroom, I can get the airflow going horizontally across my body.

Dreo Falcon S Air Circulator Smart Fan 2

It is not a huge problem, though, I just placed this on a chair to achieve the same function. In my office, this worked perfectly well on the floor, with the fair angled up towards me.  

The overall design is nice, as far as a fan goes, much nicer than most generic pedestal fans.

The main fan unit has a similar-looking design to the popular Meaco MeacoFan 1056P. However, the outer shell isn’t tapered as much, and the fan blades are larger.

Dreo Falcon S Air Circulator Smart Fan vs Meaco
Dreo vs Meaco

The fan has a wide range of motion for oscillation, both horizontal and vertical, this can also be controlled via the app.

You can control the fan easily via the buttons on its base, or you have the remote control and then the app. I seem to have a habit of losing the remote control for fans, so the controls on the base are handy, as is the app.

Dreo App & Set Up

I had some issues with adding the fan to the Dreo app. The app wouldn’t see the fan, I even tried connecting to the open SSID that the fan broadcasts when you put pairing mode.

I later realised that when you sign up to the Dreo app, you select your region, and because this fan is not sold in the UK, the app doesn’t recognise the fan.

I was unable to switch my region without contacting support, so I logged out and signed back up, setting my region to the US, and it immediately worked.

With the fan added, the app is quite well-designed. The fan monitors the temperature, and using the auto mode, it will adjust the fan speed based on the room temperature.

You can control all the functions you need from the app. One of the main selling points of this for me is the custom mode. This allows you to set up a schedule for the fan or set up a custom fan profile based on the temperature. There are two issues I have:

  • With the temperature-based profiles, you can only have the fan speed as low as 1. I’d like to have it switched off below a certain temperature.
  • You also can’t combine the schedule and temperature-based profiles. I’d like this to come on during office hours and then change the fan speed based on my requirements.

You can connect this to Alexa and Google Assistant, but unfortunately, there are no other integrations such as IFTTT, SmartThings, HomeKit, Home Assistant, or Homey. There is a thread on home-assistant.io where some people have had success integrating the fan, but it seems to be in the early days of integration.

In Use

The fan performance has been excellent, the 9 speed levels give plenty of customisation for the airflow. At the higher setting, it moves a significant amount of air without getting too noisy, it is much better than my Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan.

Even at level one, it provides a nice steady breeze which takes the edge off a warm office if you have it blowing directly at you.

Noise Levels – Using it in the bedroom while sleeping

Noise levels from this fan are excellent. Dreo says this can go down to 25dB thanks to its ultra-quiet brushless DC motor and specially designed blades that reduce turbulence noise.

From my experience, the most important thing to reduce noise is the number of speed settings. The Quiet Mark accredited GeoSmartPro AirGo had just three-speed settings, and this, therefore, made it not quiet at all, in my opinion.

This has 9-speed settings, which allows you to get the fan speed much lower and, therefore, much quieter.

Obviously, the lower the speed, the lower the airflow, but this still produces quite a lot of airflow at level one.

The fan noise is not as quiet as the 26-speed Ansio I have personally been using in my bedroom the past few years, but the Ansio has a very slight grinding noise from the motor at its lowest levels, which may be more annoying than a low level of fan noise as it is less consistent.

I used it for a few nights in my bedroom and was pleasantly surprised. While it is not as inaudible as I would like, it is very quiet. The fan also has a pleasant sound profile, it is consistent and low-pitched. There is no grinding or any irregular noises. People that like white noise will likely appreciate the sound that this makes.

Price and Alternative Options

The Dreo CF714S Air Circulator Fan is currently only on sale in the US, but you can import it to the UK for $42.18 from Amazon. It has an RRP of $99.99 (£78). Dreo also sells it on their own store for $99.99.

The Dreo PolyFan 513S Air Circulator is $140 and is a pedestal fan, which is my preferred design normally. This has fewer speeds and slightly lower airflow, but it is almost the same fan specification.

They then have the cheaper Dreo CF511S Air Circulator, which is just $70 direct from Dreo. This has a smaller fan with a 9″ head and 7″ blade. It also only had four-speed settings and therefore makes the lowest speed setting noisier than the above fans at 28dB.

In the UK, Dreo has several of its tower fans available, including the Dreo Pilot Max and Dreo Cruiser Pro T2. These will be good in an office or living room, but tower fans are much noisier than floor and pedestal fans, from my experience.

The AirGo Smart Fan is £90, £20 cheaper than when I reviewed it and a much more sensible price in my opinion.


I think the Dreo CF714S Air Circulator is a superb fan that has a good balance of features, performance and price.

It is not as silent as some fans I have used, but the fan noise is quiet and consistent enough that I could easily fall asleep with it on. Subjectively, it feels like it moves more air at a lower noise level than my existing bedroom fan.  

The app is mostly good, and it is nicely designed. I am particularly fond of the custom routines allowing you to control the fan speed based on temperature. It could be better, though, they need more customisation, so a time-based schedule plus the temperature-based speed settings would allow me to run this fully automatically. Third-party integration with other smart home systems like Home Assistant, SmartThings, Homekit, and Homey would also be a huge bonus.

Overal, though, this is a great fan and the best smart fan I have used so far.

Dreo Falcon S Air Circulator Smart Fan Review Rating


The Dreo CF714S Air Circulator is a superb fan that has a good balance of features, performance and price. The fan produces excellent air flow, and on the lowest speed setting, it is very quiet with a pleasant consistent sound that should be acceptable for most light sleepers.

  • Overall - 90%


  • Excellent airflow with a good number of speed levels
  • Very quiet with a good consistent sound profile
  • App can create fan speed profiles based on temperature


  • App could do with better third-party integrations
  • Not for sale in the UK

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