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Winner announced here. Competition closed. Thanks for entering.

Clearing out some of this year’s tech, I have a couple of competitions for the Christmas period.

First up is the Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet which currently sells for £139.99 on Amazon.

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I won’t lie, its not the best tablet in the world (as you would expect for £140), though Amazon reviews would have you believe otherwise so I guess I am just a tech snob.

It is good enough for general use such as browsing the internet, social media and streaming content. I use a similarly affordable tablet when I travel and quite often when I am on the couch at night; they get the job done without you having to stress about breaking or losing expensive hardware.

The specification includes a 10.1-inch display running at 1920×1200, it then uses an octa-core Unisoc SC9863a which is a similar spec to all the random branded affordable tablets on Amazon. You get 3GB of RAM and then 32GB of storage, plus you can expand the storage.

This runs Android 9, which is not the latest but better than a lot of affordable Android tablets

This was a revel sample, so it has been lightly used, but it will be full reset before shipping, and it includes the box and cables.

The competition is for the UK only.

It ends on Christmas Day – I will do my best to announce the winner on Christmas Day so hopefully, someone gets a nice little Christmas bonus present. However, I am not guaranteeing this, dependant on how hungover/tired I am.

To Win:

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