CHOETECH Universal Bike Phone Mount Holder for iPhone 6S 6 Plus 5S SE Samsung Galaxy S7

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As a reasonably keen cyclist, it is always difficult working out what to do with my mobile phone. When riding on cycle paths/trails I normally listen to my music and have Runkeeper/Endomodo/Strava on for notifications. During the colder months, it is not so bad as I just put it on the inside of my jacket. But in summer months it can be a bit of a nightmare if I am wearing just a t-shirt and shorts, my Nexus 6P is too large to comfortably or safely sit in my pocket while cycling, and I have recently bought a top bar bag to store it, but it just gets in the way of my knees when I am accelerating. I have found an elasticated running belt does a good job, but I would sooner keep my phone away from my sweat as much as possible.

Finally, I decided to try out a phone bike mount. I have always been quite sceptical about these, I don’t want to be spending a lot of money on one, but at the same time do I really trust it to keep a phone secure that’s worth hundreds of pounds? The other issue is that most of them tend to be phone specific or just don’t fit my phone.

The claims to hold devices up to 6”, and the mounting looked secure, so I thought I would give it a go.

The packaging is quite basic, but the contents are what is important. It is comprised of 2 main parts, the clamp, and the mount for your phone, and it is quite easy to work out how to put it all together.

I did run into quite a few minor problems with the unit, though. First of all, it only just fits the Nexus 6P, I had to take my cake off. I am quite attached to my case as I am so clumsy, so I would prefer not to faff around removing it, and I find it also makes me less willing to use the mount on a regular basis.

Secondly is actually getting the clamp onto your handlebar. The clamp is secured with a quick release type mechanism similar to what you have on your wheels, but the bolt on the end is very stiff, and the opening of the clamp is no way near big enough to use on my handlebars. So I had to use some pliers to grip the bolt while I loosened it, then I finally managed to squeeze it on. This basically means the clamp section is going to have to permanently stay on my bike. It’s annoying but not a major issue, as the mount itself snaps off.

Lastly getting the mount to snap onto the clamp was quite difficult too, but it was easier the second time.

These are quite annoying issues, but overall results seem like a very secure unit, and these issues probably help the processes of ensuring it is secure.

I have only taken it out for a few rides and so far, so good. I don’t generally use the screen of my phone when riding, but having quick access to your phone when you pull over is handy.

Priced at £15.99 on Amazon it seems like a decent buy, and looking at competing products it is both competitively priced and offers one of the better mounting mechanism (in terms of security).



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