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As part of the deal of day promotions on Amazon for Black Friday, there are two fantastic deals for iPhones. The iPhone XR for £549 and the iPhone X for £639.

Currently, Apple sells the iPhone XR for £629 and the cheapest it has been on Amazon is £599 so if you are looking for the cheapest deal on a new iPhone right now, this is it.

However, for £90 more, the iPhone X is also a great deal at £639. This is also the cheapest it has ever been on Amazon, and normally sells for around £799.

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Apple iPhone X (64GB) - Silver Apple iPhone X (64GB) - Silver 415 Reviews

So if you are on the lookout for a new iPhone which is the best deal to go for?

Launch Year

The iPhone X was launched 2-years ago and at the time was the flagship model, whereas the iPhone XR was launched last year, and kept on this year as the affordable option of the three iPhones.

Size and Display


While the iPhone X was the largest model when it was launched it is smaller than the XR with a 5.8-inch display. This was the first OLED display from Apple and it runs at 1125 x 2436 pixels giving you an 82.9% screen-to-body ratio.

The newer iPhone XR has a 6.1 inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD display and this runs at a lower 828 x 1792 pixels with a 79.0% screen-to-body ratio.

Chipset – CPU & GPU

While the iPhone X has a superior display technology, its age means it falls behind on other specs. This uses the Apple A11 Bionic chipset which was made on the 10 nm which has a hexa-core 2.39 GHz (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral) CPU and three-core graphics.

The iPhone XR has significantly better performance with the Apple A12 Bionic (7 nm) which has a hexa-core (2×2.5 GHz Vortex + 4×1.6 GHz Tempest) CPU then a 4-core GPU.

Memory and Storage

With this Black Friday deal, both phones has 64GB of storage and 3GB of RAM.


iphone X camera

Being the flagship model at launch the iPhone X has a superior spec with a dual rear camera using a 12MP lens and 12MP optical lens capable of 2x zoom,

The XR has just the one 12MP wide lens. It has been upgraded with a larger sensor size so the shots from this lens should be better than the iPhone X, but you have less versatility.

They both share the same front-facing 7MP lens.

Battery & Charging

The iPhone X has a 2716 mAh battery (10.35 Wh) battery while the XR has a 2942 mAh battery (11.16 Wh) .

They both have wireless charging and the fast charging is rated at 15W.

The smaller OLED screen on the X should help it be more power-efficient, but the XR had the best battery of the last generation and should last you longer overall.

Which is the best buy?

Both phones have their advantages, with the X you get a better screen and more camera options.

However, the iPhone XR is newer, more powerful and critically it is £90 cheaper. So if I were to buy an iPhone today, it would be that.

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Apple iPhone X (64GB) - Silver Apple iPhone X (64GB) - Silver 415 Reviews

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