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We have just received our review sample of a new smart home controller called the Nuimo developed by Senic. I hope to have the review up in the next 2 weeks, but if you are eager to buy one you can do so now from Amazon Launchpad here.

The following PR release has more info on the product, or you can view their home page at Senic.com

LONDON, UNDER EMBARGO until 13.10.2016: The award-winning Berlin hardware startup Senic is now launching the smart home controller Nuimo in its first international market on Amazon Launchpad UK.

Nuimo is a universal wireless smart home controller for direct and intuitive control of smart devices in the home, and is now available for purchase in the UK for the first time.

Previously, smarthome control involved using multiple apps and numerous steps to navigate control of devices and services. Nuimo enables streamlined control with a simple and natural interaction and uses haptic feedback, a touch interface, a high-precision rotary ring, gesture recognition for hands-free control and an LED matrix to interact with your own devices such as smart speakers and lights, including Sonos, Philips Hue and more.The full list of services and partners can be found on senic.com.

Nuimo was successfully crowdfunded receiving over 500,000 USD in pre-orders and this is the first time it will be available internationally. The team behind Nuimo is thrilled to currently be launching in one of the largest European smart home markets, the United Kingdom.

Tobias Eichenwald, Co-Founder and CEO of Senic said: “Amazon Launchpad has been an incredible partner to us so far and we are very excited to launch in the UK. It has one of the fastest growing markets for smart home products and a number of companies we respect such as Sonos and Soundcloud have set up offices there. We think it will be a great first step into distribution outside of Germany and look forward to the response from new UK customers.”

Nate Micklos, Global Marketing Lead for Amazon Launchpad said: “We created Amazon Launchpad to help startups and inventors like Senic bring their products to market. They’ve built an attractive connected device that offers our customers new ways to interact with their smart home. We are proud to have Senic’s ‘Nuimo’ on Amazon Launchpad and we are excited to watch them expand from Germany into UK and beyond.”

Nuimo was designed and manufactured in Germany. The making of Nuimo has been documented in a 7-minute film, shedding light onto the inner workings and production of the designed object. Recently, it was recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

To learn more about the Amazon Launchpad programme, visit www.amazon.co.uk/launchpad/signup. To shop the Amazon Launchpad store, visit www.amazonlaunchpad.co.uk.

Now Nuimo can be ordered on Amazon Launchpad UK or directly at senic.com for £169.

• Nuimo is made from glass-bead blasted aluminum and double-hardened acrylic glass.
• Integrated with more than 30 devices and applications
• Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, iOS and Android
• Indoor range of up to 20 meters
• Battery Life: 1 month average life on a single charge. Rechargeable with supplied micro USB cable.
• Input options: physical click, high-precision rotary ring, touch interface and gesture control
• Output: 9×9 LED matrix for visual feedback
• Control light, speakers or other devices by switching mode with a vertical swipe over the surface
• Magnets included for mounting on a refrigerator or can be mounted on a wall with the magnetic wall plate
• Honored with the German Design Award 2016 & Red Dot Design Award 2016
• Designed and manufactured in Germany – process can be seen at bit.ly/MakingNuimo
• Now available for £169 Euro (worldwide shipping included) in silver-white and black on Amazon Launchpad and senic.com

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