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I have recently been sent the terribly named X2-TWS wireless headset to review from Banggood which are priced at just £33.38 but are shipped from China so have a 7-20 delivery time.

Banggood is popular Chinese import e-commerce site similar to Gearbest. They offer a massive range of product at great prices and are especially useful for getting cheap Android phones such as the UMIDIGI S2 Lite. You just need to be willing to wait for delivery and accept that warranty replacements will be a lot harder than a UK company.

The X2-TWS earphones are entirely wireless similar to the SoundPeats Q29 I have previously reviewed or the popular Apple Airpods and Bragi earphones.

While the concept of completely wireless earphones sounds appealing, as someone that does a lot of running and cycling I am not sold on the idea. I find all earphones get loose with time and eventually drop out, that’s fine if there is a wire, but could be disastrous without. However, there is a growing trend towards this design, so I guess it is not a concern for a lot of people.

Build & Design

The earphones arrive in a relatively plain box, which is to be expected at this price point, but the actual hardware itself is quite impressive at this price.

The earphones themselves are a lot smaller than the SoundPeats Q29, they are smaller than a lot of wired models too, notably the Bose SoundSport Pulse. You get the usual 3 pairs of ear tips to help provide a better fit. This is important, as there is no hook or anything to hold them in, so you are reliant on a good seal to avoid them dropping out.

They also come with a charging case, which comes in 3 parts, there is the battery section which has a charge of 1600mAh, and should charge your earphones from flat 15+ times. This then plugs in via microUSB to the middle part, which is where the earphones sit and charge, and finally, there is a lid to keep your earphones in place.

Overall, the design and build are fantastic, far better than the price would suggest.


Getting the earphones to work is much more confusing than using a regular pair, you need to power up the earphones phones, wait for them to connect to each other than pair with your phone. This sounds simple now I write it, but at first, it is easy just to pair when you power up and don’t wait for the earphones to connect to each other first. In this case, you will get a single earphone working, or sometimes neither.

Once you are used to it, it is relatively easy, but it still takes much longer than wired Bluetooth earphones.


This is without a doubt my biggest issue with this type of earphone, and I have to admit I was quite impressed. They are not perfect; I did find they fell out once, but during weightlifting, they remained in my ears with no issues. They were more convenient when using the bench press as I always catch the wire with my Bose when setting up.

During treadmill use and indoor cycling, they remained in all but one occasion. If I had been a bit more observant, I could have easily readjusted the earphones before one fell out on the treadmill.

I found the large ear tips provided a particularly good seal, combined with the tiny and light nature of these it seemed to help ensure they stayed in.

I still wouldn’t wear them outdoor running or cycling because if one fell out there would be a good chance it would be lost entirely, especially with cycling.


I continued to be impressed with these when it came down to listening to them. They provide an impressive quality of, vastly superior to the SoundPEATS Q29.

There is an excellent deep level of bass without being overbearing, mids and trebles perform well giving an overall well-rounded sound. There is no noticeable distortion or harshness, even when listening to relatively high volumes. They don’t compete with high-end earphones, but I would say they perform very well for the price.

While I experienced good results, I have had one reader comment saying:

The earphones distort even with audiobooks. With music I can forget to play any music with bass anything above 65% volume.


While I am still not sold on the wireless idea for myself due to my personal usage, I have come away very impressed with the X2-TWS. The fit very comfortably and they manage to stay in even during vigorous exercise.

Pricing is reasonable too, considerably cheaper than big brand alternatives, and I would suspect not a huge difference in audio quality.

You can buy the earphones today for just over £33 from Banggood

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  • Build - 85%
  • Fit - 90%
  • Sound - 80%
  • Price - 80%

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  1. Hi James, I bought these based on your review and I’m sad to say that my pair did not match the quality scores for performance which you put in your article. The earphones distort even with audiobooks. With music I can forget to play any music with bass anything above 65% volume. Would you be able to add a note to your review so that others don’t waste their money? Thanks

    1. Sorry to hear that. I quite liked them, much better than a couple of the other completely wireless headphones I have used, but yes, I will add a note to the page, and I have approved your comment.

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