Aqara Dual Relay Module T2

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Aqara has officially announced the launch of its latest product, the Dual Relay Module T2. This new addition to Aqara’s relay portfolio aims to offer a versatile solution for automating a wide array of electrical devices in your home. Available now in North America and Europe through Amazon and selected Aqara retailers, the Dual Relay Module T2 promises to be a game-changer in smart home automation.

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 with Matter, Requires Aqara... Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 with Matter, Requires Aqara... No ratings yet £34.99Amazon Prime

Key Features of Aqara Dual Relay Module T2

Ecosystem Compatibility

  • Homekit and Matter Support: The device is compatible with multiple mainstream ecosystems such as Matter, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT. This is facilitated through an Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub, making it a flexible choice for various smart home setups.

Versatile Control Modes

  • Dry Contact Mode: This mode allows for the integration of a wide range of electrical devices, including boilers and garage doors, into your smart home setup.
  • Wireless Switch Mode & Interlock for Motor Control: The T2 can control tubular motors and can also function as a roller shade switch. It can even turn an existing wall switch into a scene controller without requiring any wiring changes.

Energy Management

  • Energy Saving & Power off Memory: The T2 features advanced energy monitoring and ultra-low idle power consumption, thanks to the Zigbee protocol. It also retains its last state even after power interruptions, ensuring seamless operation.

Safety and Installation

  • Electrical Safety & Flexible Installation: The device comes with overheat protection, overload protection, and a customizable power limit. It can be installed near a light, behind a switch, or wall outlet and even includes a DIN rail mount.

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 Announcement Detials

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 Dry and Wet

Built on the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, the Relay T2 offers robust compatibility options. Not only does it support Matter-over-bridge, but it is also compatible with major smart home platforms like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. This ensures that users can control their electrical appliances through various means, including remote control, voice assistants, and customised scenes and automations.

Moreover, the Zigbee protocol enhances the device’s energy efficiency by reducing its idle energy consumption. The Relay T2 also doubles as a Zigbee network repeater, thereby strengthening the reliability of the network within your home.

One of the standout features of the Relay T2 is its support for both wet and dry contact modes. In wet contact scenarios, the device can control wall outlets and switches, including those for lights, fans, and roller shades. The Interlock Mode further extends its capabilities by allowing it to safely control bidirectional motors, such as those found in tubular roller shade systems.

In Dry Contact Mode, the Relay T2 offers both pulse and on/off switching options. This makes it suitable for controlling a variety of electric devices and appliances, including garage doors and boilers.

The Relay T2 comes equipped with power metering capabilities, allowing users to monitor and manage their home’s energy consumption effectively. It can trigger Aqara Home automations based on power status, such as the on and off statuses of lights, opening up new avenues for home automation.

Safety is a paramount concern for any smart home device, and the Relay T2 is no exception. It comes with built-in safety features like overheat protection, overload protection, and a configurable power limit. These features provide users with an added layer of security, ensuring peace of mind while operating their electrical appliances.

Power and Compatibility

  • Power Requirements: The device supports 24V DC and above.
  • Matter Compatibility: Requires a Matter-compatible Aqara hub and may be in Beta at the time of its launch.
  • Energy Monitoring: This feature and power automation are only possible when the AC-powered relay is exclusive to Aqara Home.

Final Thoughts

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 with Matter, Requires Aqara... Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 with Matter, Requires Aqara... No ratings yet £34.99Amazon Prime

The Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 appears to be a robust and versatile addition to the smart home automation market. Its compatibility with multiple ecosystems, energy-saving features, and safety measures make it a compelling choice for those looking to integrate various electrical devices into their smart home setups.

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