Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 EU Double Rocker Review – EU/UK smart light switch with no neutral wire

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Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 (No Neutral, Double Rocker) Review Rating


The Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 EU with its no neutral design is a superb affordable smart switch. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Aqara ecosystem and you can expand its functionality with other smart home systems via Home Assistant.

  • Overall - 92%


  • Easy to set up
  • No neutral wire needed making it one of the few options that work in many UK homes
  • More affordable than most alternative options
  • Far superior to WiFi options
  • Attractive/neutral design


  • No Dimming
  • Will require a back box deeper than 35mm

In-use and Automation

Everything works as expected. The only downside to this system is that it is just an on/off switch. There is no dimming function like the more expensive competing products.

It is not a mechanical switch, so you don’t get the same feedback as switching a light switch, but there is an audible and physical click sound.

Lights click on immediately from the button, and the switching mechanism is very fast when done via the app.

I have set up 4 basic automations. My kitchen is quite dark, so we need the lights on during the day, but it is then easy to forget to switch them off at night or throughout the day.

So, I have set up basic timers, to switch on in the morning and off in the evening. I have also set up the motion sensor to switch the lights on with motion when the light is below a certain lux. The lights also switch off when no motion has been detected for an hour.

Currently, I have all the automation features set up within the Aqara app, but I may migrate them to Home Assistant if I feel the need for something more complex.

Price and Alternative Options

The Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 EU is £42.99, available on Amazon UK. There is also a 10% off voucher currently taking it down to £38.69.

Most smart light switches require a neutral wire but there has been a growing number of options in recent years.

Many of these are WiFi, some of which require you to install a capacitor on the L1 if you want to avoid using neutral.

The Yagusmart Smart Wall Light Switch is a WiFi switch that comes in single, 2 and 3 gang options, all for under £20.

Aurora AOne is likely to be the best alternative option to the Aqara. These are rotary dimmers that are quite slim, fitting 25mm for the single gang or 35mm for double gang, and they use the Zigbee protocol, just like Aqara. They are expensive though, £51 for a single dimmer or £92 for a double.

Fibaro Walli Dimmer is a single gang Z-wave dimmer for £72. It has a bit of an unusual design, and the reviews for it are mixed with poor build quality a concern.

Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 converts your existing light switches into a Z-Wave dimmer. It has good reviews and is around £40. I have tried this one myself, but you will again need deep back boxes, and the installation was a little confusing for my simple brain.

Lightwave is another good alternative, but this is a proprietary system, so you need the hub and light switches. A single gang dimmer is £59.95 while 2-gang is £95.


The Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 is excellent, it is the first smart switch I have successfully installed and continued to use. Installation was easy, and the switch itself looks smart, but you will need a back box to fit it.

The on/off functionality doesn’t give quite the same level of functionality as some of the competing Z-wave options, but this is quite a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about having dimmable LEDs. It is also considerably cheaper than buying smart light bulbs, especially if you have rooms with GU10 spotlights.

Overall, this is the best smart light switch I have tried to date.

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