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I have previously reviewed the Annke Crater and some of their excellent POE cameras, including the NC400 True Full Colour Night Vision camera.

The Annke Crater Pro is essentially the same as the previous Crater I reviewed, but the camera sensor has had a significant upgrade and now has a 4MP resolution capable of 2560×1440 vs the 1080P of the Crater.

Annke Crater Pro Specification vs Crater

  • Video Resolution: 4MP(2560×1440)       
  • Image Sensor: 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Video Compression: H.264+       
  • Video Bitrate: 32Kbps~2Mbps
  • Audio Compression: adpcm        
  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • Angle of View: 70°          
  • Number of Infrared LEDs: 1
  • Night Vision Distance: Up to 20ft/6m     
  • PT: Horizontal 350°, Vertical 60°
  • IR-Cut Filter: Yes               
  • Ethernet: WIFI(IEEE 802.11b/g/n) 150Mbps(Max)

In comparison to the normal Annke Crater, the image sensor and resolution have been massively upgraded from a 1/4″ Progressive Scan CMOS sensor with 2MP (1920 X 1080) resolution.

There is also the Crater 2, which is almost the same again, but this is 3MP and is only 2.4GHz.

Set Up

The instructions directed me to the Mynnke app, which is different to the Annke Smart app I used in my past review. I haven’t tested if both apps work.

Like most IoT apps, you will need an account to set it up, and you will need to provide location permissions for it to identify the WiFi list.

I then scanned the QR code of the rear of the camera and was given multiple options for how to pair it up with my WiFi SSID. I opted for the recommended speaker configuration, which plays a sort of dial-up tone to pass over the credentials.

You will also want to install a microSD card which is located in the black dome part of the camera. You may need to rotate the dome to expose the slot.

App and Settings

Storage / Recording Options

Under recording, if you are using a microSD, it will default to all-day recording. This is unusual for devices like this as they tend to just record events. I much prefer 24/7 recording, but you will want to make sure you buy a microSD card that is rated for this. The constant writing to the card will quickly kill generic low-quality microSD cards.

Alternatively, you can set up scheduled recording, and this can be set as continuous or event-based.

You also have the option for cloud storage, but the page to set this up appeared to be broken on my phone.

Then there is an option for NVR recording, but it is unclear which NVR is compatible with this Annke do a lot of NVRs, but these are all typically for the POE range of cameras.

At the bottom of the settings page, there is an option to enable experimental features, and only option is to enable ONVIF, which would allow you to use this camera with any third-party NVRs or self-build solutions such as Blue Iris.

Motion Detection

Under notifications, you have options to set up push notifications for motion and sound detection. You can also set the camera to make an audible alarm.

Toggling the motion detection alarm, you can then tweak the motion detection sensitivity and enable human motion detection.

Additionally, within this section is activity tracking, which enables the PTZ function to auto-track movement.

Exporting Footage

In my original Crater review, I criticised the app for not being able to export footage. I had to go into playback and view the footage, but the only way to get the footage off the camera was to use the camera button to capture a still image or the camcorder button to record footage that had already been recorded.

Similar to the last review, I also experienced intermittent dropout with the connection. Though, it wasn’t common as the original Crater.

It looks like Annke has mostly resolved this problem. From the screen that shows the feed, you can click on the SD card tab, then select more. You will then have all the events listed by date. If you record continuously, these will be in 30-minute blocks. You can then select the video you want, then hit the download button, and it will save it to your device.

For continuous recording, if it has detected an event, you will see a little icon indicated what event was detected.

The caveat is that the downloads are incredibly slow. It was around 120KB/s when I exported something. It will pause if you let your screen time out. It shouldn’t be an issue if you are just recording motion events, but the 30-minute blocks take quite a while as they are approximately 150-200MB.

However, there is also an alternative option. You can export footage directly from the microSD card using the SDTool, which should be available on Adding to my frustration, doesn’t work and doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

Footage Quality

As the videos are 30 minutes long and generally record an empty room, I have just uploaded screenshots of the exported footage.

Day time footage is good, but the low-light night time footage looks like it needs more illumination. The single IR LED is only good at illuminating directly in front of the camera and leaves dark spots around the edges. This probably won’t cause too much of a problem because the auto-tracking PTZ will point the camera at any motion.

It is odd that there is only one IR LED on this, though, the Crater and Crater 2 specification lists six.

Annke Craer Pro Video Footage Sample
PotPlayerMini64 XPSqubxAN7

Price and Alternative Options

The Annke Crater Pro is available from Amazon UK for £45.99, and they have a 15% off voucher at the time of writing.

You can buy directly from Annke for $50 / £40.

If you buy directly from Annke, you can use the below discount code to get 10%, and this will expire in August 2023.

Discount Code: OFF10%James

The original Annke Crater is available for £23, and there is the Crater 2, this is a 3MP camera with a resolution of 2304×1296, which is just £27.

Alternative options include:

  • From Reolink:
    • E1 Zoom which is 5MP and has 3x optical zoom for £48
    • E1 Pro which is 4MP for £52
  • From Imou
    • A 1080P 360° for £23
    • 2K/3MP WiFi Security Camera for £27
  • Netvue Pet Camera 360° Indoor Camera which is 1080P for £34


The Annke Crater Pro is a reasonably good 4MP PTZ camera. You have a good improvement in the resolution vs the original Crater camera, and Annke appears to have improved the overall usability.

However, Annke still really need to work on the usability side of things. Reviews of the app are poor, though I didn’t find it as bad as some other reviewers.

The camera has only just launched, so the price is still at the full RRP (before you apply my discount). While £40 is not unreasonable for this camera, I can’t help but think the Crater 2 is better value for money with a £10 price difference, and you only drop 1MP in resolution. Alternatively, the Reolink E1 Zoom is only a little more expensive, and it has a higher resolution camera, optical zoom and a much more user-friendly app.

Annke Crater Pro Review Rating


The Annke Crater Pro is a reasonably good 4MP PTZ camera. You have a good improvement in the resolution vs the original Crater camera, and Annke appears to have improved the overall usability. The Annke app and overall useability need some work, but considering the price of this, you can’t expect everything to be perfect.

  • Overall - 70%

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