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Today, WiZ Smart Lighting has launched a range of new lighting products to complement its quickly growing product range.

There have been four new exciting products launched, including:

  • Full-colour filament spiral
  • SuperSlim colour luminaire
  • Neon Flex strip
  • WiZ Panel ceiling

Neon Flex Strip

WiZ Neon flex strip 3

The Neon Flex strip is similar to the Twinkly Flex I have previously reviewed.  

The RGB flex strip enables your creative self to design some beautiful light décor for your home, in the shape and on the wall of your choice. Lighting can shape your mood and now you can shape your light with the Neon Flex strip.

Its direct visible strip light is 3 meters long, easy to bend and install with mounting accessories, making it suitable to create beautiful shapes to enhance your interior design.

Set the mood with uniform light for movie nights with your family or dynamic light modes delivered by the flex strip’s gradient effects.

This product will be your perfect companion for decorating your house and setting the right tone for your parties.

Full-colour filament spiral

WiZ Colour Filament 2

The Full-colour filament spiral is perfect for any lights that have exposed bulbs, and the filament design is ideal for that industrial look that has been popular in recent years.

As the name suggests, these are full colour and tunable white colour, whereas many competing smart filament bulbs, including the Philips Hue Edison, are restricted to soft white light.

SuperSlim colour ceiling luminaire

WiZ SuperSlim black

WiZ also helps you set the right ambience all the way up to your ceiling. Whether you’re partying or spending some down time with your significant others, the SuperSlim colour ceiling luminaire will help you achieve the right ambience with dynamic full-colour light and a minimal sleek design that fits into any home. It is available in black and white in two sizes.

WiZ Panel ceiling

WiZ Panel Light Rectangle Black
VLIM2022009NP;Wiz;LED Lamps – Functional ceiling;Bulb Dimensions – Diameter (mm):300mm;Bulb Dimensions – Length (mm):1200mm

If you are looking for a smart way to illuminate space, the Panel Ceiling is made for you with its slim and sleek design that fits any interior style. Depending on your needs, the WiZ Panels are available in three different sizes and shapes, in black and white. Set the right ambience to transition from work to rest with tunable cool to warm white light and adjustable brightness. On top of being easy to install, this new LED panel ensures uniform light distribution for the comfort of your eyes.

Price and Availability

  • Full-colour filament spiral (available from late June 2023)
    • RRP: EUR 29.99 / GBP 27.99
  • SuperSlim colour (available from late June 2023)
    • RRP: EUR 129.99 / GBP 119.99 (22W)
    • RRP: EUR 169.99 / GBP 154.99 (32W)
  • Neon flex strip (available from late June 2023)
    • RRP: EUR 99.99 / GBP 89.99
  • WiZ Panel ceiling (available on Amazon)
    • RRP: Square EUR 69,99 / GBP 64.99 (12W) / EUR 109,99 / GBP 99.99 (36W)
    • RRP: Rectangle EUR 129,99 / GBP 119.99 (36W)

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